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China Development Brief was founded in 1996 and registered in 2003 as the Beijing Civil Society Development Research Center. As a Chinese non-profit organization, we serve as a bilingual hub providing media and communication, research and consulting, and services and networking to NGOs, foundations, development practitioners, businesses, researchers, and policy makers.

Our Mission

To empower China`s civil society through expert observation and analysis, and by facilitating the free flow of resources and views for NGOs.

Our Positioning

A leading Chinese NPO, acting as a bilingual hub to provide professional observation, analysis, networking, and services for development and philanthropy organizations.

Our Most Valuable Assets

1. We are deeply rooted in the Chinese NGO community.

2. Our staff members possess strong values and varied skills, and embrace learning, exploring new ideas, and co-operation.

We work in the following areas

1. Media and Communication

We aim to become a thought-leader in the sector with expert observation and analysis, and a platform for Chinese NGOs to express their voice.

We work in both Chinese and English. In Chinese we publish the quarterly China Development Brief publication and the CDB website.

The print quarterly China Development Brief publication began in 2001 and aims to reflect on contemporary NGO and philanthropy issues through in-depth and independent reporting.

The CDB Chinese-language website was started in 2003 and updated in 2007 and 2014. Sections such as ‘NGO Jobs’, the online ‘NGO Directory’, and ‘NGO Voice’ have made CDB the go-to website for Chinese readers interested in NGO issues.

Our English-language website aims to provide overseas readers with independent insight into the development of Chinese NGOs and philanthropies. Much of the translated content is taken from CDB’s publications and Chinese-language website, as well as relevant articles reported in the Chinese mainstream media. In addition, we also offer regular e-newsletters and an e-quarterly.

2. Research and Consulting Services

Based on in-depth observation and systematic data collection, CDB research is oriented towards issue and action-based analysis. This includes:

– Database (NGO Directory, Talent Bank) and Analysis (in series)
– Tools (Dictionary, Guides & Handbooks)
– Thematic reports
– Books (writing, editing, translating)

Examples of Topics include: NGO advocacy, philanthropy, Chinese NGO participation in international development, gender, the environment and climate, etc.

Some of the major reports that we have produced include:

– Chinese NGO Directory (2013, in Chinese and English)
– A CDB Special Report: The Diversification of Public Advocacy in China (2013, in Chinese and English)
– Retrospection of Chinese Civil Society Development in the Last Decade – A Selection of CDB Back Issue Articles (2001-2011) (2013, in Chinese)
– The Advocacy Activities of NGOs in China (2006, in Chinese and English)
– 200 International NGOs in China (2005, in English)
– 250 Chinese NGOs (2001, in English)

Special Reports include:

– Mapping China’s Public Interest NGOs (2013, in Chinese and English)
– The Roles and Challenges of International NGOs in China’s Development(2012,in Chinese and English)
– New Trends in Philanthropy and Civil Society in China (2011, in English)

We also provide professional consulting services based on our staff members’ multiple sets of skills and years of experience operating in a wide range of fields. We mainly provide consulting services to middle and senior level managers in NGOs, sector leaders and decision-makers in various sectors both in China and overseas.

Areas of research expertise include:

– Priority topics (e.g. NGO advocacy, philanthropy, Chinese NGO participation in international development, gender, the environment and climate, etc.)
– Comprehensive mapping and analysis of fields, areas and topics (e.g., China youth employment report, NGO Human resources compensation and benefit survey, etc.)
– Introduction and recommendation of partnerships, funding resources, or grantees
– Laws and regulations concerning NGO sector
– Registration, funding mechanism and operation of NGOs in China
– Customized reports, “Civil Society Learning Space,” seminars, workshops and other learning and sharing activities

Our Consultants’ Areas of Expertise include: International Development, Rural Development, Environment, Civil Society, Public Policy and Management, Philanthropy, Gender, Education, and NPOs.

3. Services and Networking.

We seek to provide a demand-driven information service, networks, and capacity building for Chinese NGOs and international NGOs working in China.

– Human Resources:
– Online NGO Job (website, micro blog & weixin)
– Offline job fairs
– NGO HR workshops
– Information Services:
– Sharing information & best practices, e.g. administration, legal affairs, communication, conference organizing
– Categorized information posting
– Language Services: translation (English-Chinese and Chinese-English)

Organizational Chart


The Advisory Committee list of members can be viewed here.

Our Main Partners

Aliyun, Beijing Cifu Foundation, Brot, Beijing College of Social Administration, BMW Foundation, British Embassy, Canada Fund, China Foundation Center, China Association for International NGO Cooperation, China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation, Embassy of the United States, European Union, Ford Foundation, Give2Asia, Global Green Grants Fund, Indiana University, Kadoorie Charitable Foundation, Henry Luce Foundation, Misereor Foundation, Narada Foundation, One Foundation,Oxfam Hong Kong, , Partnerships for Community Development, Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors, Social Resources Institute, Thomson Reuters Foundation, the Intellectual Property Publishing House Co. Ltd., etc.


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Welcome to China Development Brief.

Our website located at (the “Website“) is owned and operated by the Beijing Civil Society Development Research Centre (the “China Development Brief“, “we“, “our” or “us“). Please read these online terms and conditions of use (the “Agreement“) before using the Website. The terms “you” and “your” when used in this Agreement include any person who accesses the Website and/or submits personal data to the Website.

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