The Maple Women’s Psychological Counseling Center Beijing


Maple Women's Psychological Counseling Center


  • 1992 – Present, Maple Women's Welfare Hotline
  • 1998 – Present, Single-Parent Families Care Project
  • 2001 – 2005, “Half the Sky” Home- Community Women's Social Work Model
  • 2007 – Present, Migrant Family Education, Daily “3 Ten-minutes” Model
  • 2011 – Present, Psychological Aid Counseling for Victims of Abuse

Major Achievements

  • 2005, Founder Xingjuan Wang participated as one of 108 “Peaceful Women” in the “Sexual Rights, Anti-family Violence and Peace- 1000 Women for Nobel Peace Prize Workshop”d
  • 2007, Xingjuan Wang received “2007 Global Women's Leadership Award”
  • 2008, Beijing Xuanwu District Women's Federation, “Single Parents Care Project Special Contribution Award”
  • 2009, “Building School-Community Linkage Mechanisms, Cultivating New Citizens Healthy Character Models Project” received the “Tencent Public Welfare New Citizen Public Service Innovation Award”
  • 2011, Capital Philanthropy Federation, “Rainbow Heart Excellent Public Interest Project” Award

Major Funders

Global Women's Fund, Ford Foundation, Heinrich Boll Foundation, Canada Civil Society Project, Canada Fund, Hong's Foundation for Education and Culture, VQ Foundation, Endangered Species Conservation Foundation, Amity Foundation, Vital Voices, Avon Foundation, Narada Foundation, American Chamber of Commerce China, World Vision, China Charities Aid Foundation for Children, Beijing Municipal Social Construction Special Fund, Danish Embassy, American Embassy, Australian Embassy, German Embassy, British Embassy Culture and Education Department, Irish Embassy