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China Development Brief is pleased to announce the release of its recently-completed Chinese NGO Directory, which includes detailed profiles of more than 250 Chinese grassroots NGOs (non-government organizations) and a report landscaping the Chinese non-profit sector.

The Directory, which distinguishes independent, non-profit NGOs from government-run or affiliated institutions, was compiled through a thorough, year-long process in order to develop the most comprehensive and authoritative listing of the longest-running, active, and influential Chinese grassroots NGOs. Covering more than 28 provinces and municipalities, the Directory includes NGOs working in areas such as environmental protection, public health, migrants and labor, gender, child welfare, law and rights, disabilities, education and more.

The accompanying report, written by Dr. Shawn Shieh and Amanda Brown-Inz, includes analysis and mapping of the NGO landscape in China regarding geographic and sectoral trends, organizational capacity, and funding. Together, these resources will provide the international community with critical insight into the Chinese NGO community, enabling the development of greater collaboration and resource flow.

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