Forests and Ocean Campaigner

Forests and Ocean Campaigner (1 vacancy)

We are seeking a cross-disciplinary and dedicated professional to be part of our dynamic Forests and Ocean Campaign team in China. Working together with Greenpeace staff in China and other countries, as well as external partners, the Campaigner is directly involved in the development and implementation of exciting and important domestic and international campaign activities.

He/she will design, execute, communicate, and promote the campaign message to the public. He/she is expected to have a progressive global perspective on China rising influence and growing responsibility to help protect global environment, a sharp understanding of China’s fast-paced social change, and have ability to build influence in China’s policy and market circle. Through an array of campaigning tools, including field investigation, documentation of the pollution crimes, public engagement, communication via new & traditional media, and political lobbying, we expose the problems, provide solutions, and call for immediate actions to amend them.

In forests works, we seek to protect China last remaining nature forests and to address pressing problems created by huge Chinese market demands for global timbers and other agriculture commodities (eg palm oil and soya) that drive deforestation in key forests regions such as in Amazon, Africa’s Congo Basin and Indonesia. Our goal is also to reducing global emissions and halting climate change through protecting forests.

In ocean works, we seek to tackle pressing overfishing problems that have depleted China own domestic fisheries resources, and to avoid the rapidly growing massive Chinese distant water fishing fleets from repeating the same mistake on global ocean resources. Our goal is to help China to become a responsible big fishing nation, and to set a good example in sustainable model of fisheries.

Who We Are Looking For
DIRECT EXPERIENCE in ecosystem forestry or ecosystem is not a necessity to apply for this position. Greenpeace is a creative campaign organization that firmly believe in assessing the candidate’s competency as well as full “POTENTIAL” – so it is not just what u know or have now, but also what you STRIVE to achieve and BECOMING in near future. So please convince us with your “curiosity, insight, engagement, and determination.”

Who you are:
-Experiences in journalism, communication, advertisement, environmental issues advocacy, international relation or international finance will be a plus.
-Have a strong track record of project planning and execution with concrete results
-Good at strategic planning and critical thinking
-Speak and write excellent Chinese and English
-Creative, resilient, and willing to take calculated risks
-Committed to making the world a better place
-Strong believer of environmental justice

Greenpeace East Asia
Job title: Forests and Ocean Campaigner
Job grade: 3
Location: Beijing
Department: Forests and Ocean
Employment type: Full-time (permanent contract)
Reports to: Assistant Campaign Manager

Overall purpose of the job
The Campaigner provides specialized campaign expertise in Greenpeace’s ongoing or emerging campaign project works and is directly involved in the development and implementation of campaign project plans, under the leadership of the project leader. The Campaigner will also work with external stakeholders to further Greenpeace’s campaign goals.

Major functions / responsibilities
Conceptual tasks, Strategy development and/or Project management
-Work with project teammates to develop and implement effective project plans and strategies to bring positive changes to an environmental problem.
-Provide campaign expertise with respect to a specialized campaign issue. Stay abreast of the latest developments of the issues.

-Research, investigate and analyze a wide range of specialized material on campaign issues and strategies.
-Respond to public inquiries about campaign issues and other matters. Prepare materials and publications. Attend and/or organize conferences.
-Represent Greenpeace in front of traditional and new media (if required) to expose environmental problems and advocate for positive solutions.
-Maintain active liaison with key stakeholders in specific campaign issue(s). Actively seek out and participate in discussions with influential individuals and groups. Communicate and engage with inter-governmental bodies, government officials and corporate representatives related to the issue(s).

Support/ Coaching/ Leadership
-Coordinate among different departments and offices within Greenpeace to advance campaign goals. Work with other teammates to organize actions, activities and other events. Make presentations and respond to public speaking requests. Initiate engagement with strategically targeted groups.
Compliance/ Keeping Framework Conditions
-Evaluate project progress and shortcomings at designated points of evaluation. Complete evaluation reports if required.
-Responsibly direct and control project spending. Create reasonable budgets at the beginning of project life cycle and oversee budgetary issues throughout project implementation.

Competency profile
Organization competencies
-Professionalism, in particular demonstrated ability to deliver projects on time and within budget
-Interpersonal relationship
-Knowledge sharing
-Values diversity

Functional competencies
-Fluency in written and spoken English and Chinese
-Knowledge and/or experience in New Media, in particular: … Facebook, Twitter, Weibo, WeChat or other new media platforms
-Understanding of the media advocacy needs of a campaigning organisation
-Awareness and knowledge of ecological situation (global and regional/national)
-Understanding of the roles that science, politics, economics, industry, media and social change play in campaigning.
-Knowledge and/or experience in (at least) one of the Greenpeace campaign themes
-Skills in written and verbal communication
-Knowledge and/or experience in PowerPoint
-Knowledge and/or experience in Excel

Method related
-Work under pressure
-Public speaking
-Project management
-Analytical skills
-Presentation and reporting skills
-Planning & Organizing
-Budgeting (preparing, presenting, monitoring)

Social/self competencies
-Being a team player

Leadership competencies
-Strategic Orientation

-Commitment to the mission, principles and values of Greenpeace
-Commitment to, and demonstrated ability to work well as part of a team
-Ability to work unsupervised, in a rapidly changing environment
-Ability to operate and lead under pressure and in physically or mentally challenging situations
-Ability to function effectively under public scrutiny

Specific Work Environment
-The position works in a standard office environment, and is required to travel to other Greenpeace offices, campaign locations or locations where environmental problems require the presence of Greenpeace representatives.
-The position may be required to work under pressure and in physically or mentally challenging situations.



Conditioned working hours is 37.5 hours/ week from Monday to Friday.

Annual Leave System
Year of service completed in Greenpeace worldwide No. of entitlement in a year
1st year                                                        15
2nd year                                                 15
3rd year                                                 16
4th year                                                 17
5th year                                                 18
6th year                                                 19
7th year or above                                         20


Greenpeace offers Social Insurance, Housing Provident Funds, and supplementary commercial insurance package during employment. Further details about these benefits will be provided if appointed.


Greenpeace offers a combination of in house and external training opportunities throughout the year. Greenpeace also offers study leave for courses related to your work and assistance is available for relevant further education qualifications. For further information on learning and development opportunities please speak to the Staff Development Team.


As we receive a large number of applications for our advertised positions, we are unable to respond to applicants who are not invited for interview. We apologize for this in advance.Interested parties, please visit and submit your cover letter to explain your motivation and resume to apply the position.  Please note if you fail to submit motivation letter your application will be deprioritized.All information collected for recruitment purpose only. Only short-listed candidates will be notified and we do not accept any calls or visits in the first instance.