Global Partnership Advisor


China has become a major emerging player in global governance and global development, ready to share its valuable experience with the international community also acting as a bridge-builder between institutions and nations in the sustainable development arena. China has taken a more proactive role in shaping new initiatives that complement existing global governance mechanisms.

For instance, the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) has been growing steadily with more than 70 countries engaged mainly in emerging economies and developing countries. The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) has started operation in January 2016 and already approved a first group of projects to be implemented. The BRICS New Development Bank (NDB) has also approved its first loans in 2015 while the BRICS 2017 Summit will be hosted in China.

Since the launch of UNDP China Global Governance Initiative in 2012 the office has become a key partner for the government of China for engagement in international development cooperation and the implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. UNDP is recognized as a key partner international organization that can be a bridge between China and the world – both in terms of understanding of development context, as a channel for international development assistance, as well as overall a promoter of global cooperation. Moreover, Chinese government counterparts characterized UNDP as the chosen partner for advising on development cooperation approaches and integrated development approaches in line with the SDGs.

Against this backdrop, UNDP China has become a regional and global cooperation partnership office with dedicated attention to support China’s role in regional and global development cooperation. The Global Partnership Team has an expanded role to support UNDP’s efforts to enhance China’s regional and global engagement with the ultimate aim of facilitating substantial, long-term progress in international cooperation. It also plays the role to be a liaison between UNDP corporate and regional partnership initiatives engaging China and linking to other developing countries.

He/She will work to maximize UNDP’s role in facilitating China’s emerging role in global development cooperation and to promote strategic partnerships with China to share applicable lessons learnt from its impressive economic development record.

Under the overall guidance of the UNDP China Country Director and in close liaising with BERA’s regional office (Asia Pacific), the incumbent will advise senior management (both in China CO, regional and HQ bureau) on China’s positioning on global and regional governance issues, as well as strategic partnership building, advocacy and liaison. In addition, He/She will also identify, design and implement strategic regional and global development initiatives with China. In this endeavor, he/she will lead the Global Partnership Team by engaging in strategic regional and global partnerships through its convening power, knowledge products, project development and management and advocacy.

Duties and Responsibilities


1) Provide high-level advice to UNDP CO, regional and corporate management on the overall development and strategic positioning of UNDP`s engagement with China, ensuring added value and complementarity with UNDP corporate approach, especially on China’s strategic initiatives in the global arena.
•    Analyze political, social and economic trends that set Chinese development policy, and advise senior management on their implications.
•    Advise senior management on UNDP’s strategy and policy supported related to China’s global and regional engagement through multilateral and global governance platforms.
•    Identify entry points and support China‘s international commitments on the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development; support China’s process on SDGs monitoring and evaluation in liaison with MOFA (as a partnership support to substantive work).
•    Provide policy advice to support China in its host-country diplomacy and high-level international conventions including BRICS to promote policy alignment of the 2030 Agenda with these global and regional cooperation mechanisms.
•    Negotiate high-level corporate agreements between UNDP and China that strengthen cooperation and UNDP’s ability to effectively help generate development impact in China, regionally and globally.

2) Exercise a partnership liaison and coordinating role in the policy and strategy development of key activities carried out by the office on global and regional cooperation. Liaise with HQ, other Bureaus and COs on key China-based or China-led issues and events.
•    Advocate for and represent UNDP at external meetings and through external communications.
•    Seek opportunities to feed in UNDP’s strategic thinking on global governance and regional cooperation to Chinese government officials and others (e.g. briefings, papers, comments on policy papers, etc).
•    Facilitate official meetings with Chinese counterparts for visits of the Administrator, and other high-level UNDP officials, particularly for meetings related issues to the team`s core interest on global and regional governance and economic governance (as BRI, AIIB and NDB, ASEAN, G20, BRICS).
•    Liaise with key government counterparts to ensure effective partnership, with special attention to MOFA, NDRC, Liaison Department of CPC, and also including on high-level engagement with MOFCOM and other relevant Ministries and key partners.
•    Act as a liaison for UNDP’s corporate engagement with key institutions, such as the AIIB, NDB, ASEAN, CAREC and other regional and global organizations based in China.
•    Support strengthening of UNDP’s partner relations with key national counterparts in order to enhance opportunities for a strong substantive support role of UNDP, including China Development Bank; Think Tanks (CCIEE; SIIS) and private sector and media (Xinhua News Agency).
•    Support UNDP‘s IFIs Partnership Strategy to mobilize and leverage resources to maximize development impact, and work towards facilitating an institutional environment that is conducive to closer collaboration with IFIs.
•    Liaise with UNDP internal partners, including UNDP Bureau for External Relations and Advocacy (BERA), UNDP Bureau for Policy and Programme Support (BPPS), Regional Bureaus (RBAP, RBEC and RBA), UNDP country offices and UNDP policy centers.
•    Conceptualize and lead the organization of high-level UNDP flagship events (such as the launch of the Global Governance Report and China Development Bank Report), maximizing the policy impact of UNDP’s strategy in China (by providing support to Chinese official summits such as the BRI Summit) or supporting/advising China’s government participation in international summits (such as the UNGA).

3) Conduct the program management, coordination and engagement of the Team and enhance resource mobilization.
•    Based on high-level agreements, lead and coordinate global and regional partnership programmes with the aim of creating tangible results and development impact. Flagship projects include but are not limited to: ◦    The Belt and Road Initiative and related umbrella programme.
◦    The global governance initiative and related practical interventions.
◦    The SDGs support programme, especially as it relates to China’s international engagement on the SDGs.
◦    The Leadership Training Programme, with government counterparts to enhance capacity building of high-level officials as well as our partnerships.

•    Support programme teams to identify opportunities to build further global and regional elements into programme interventions.
•    Perform the function of project manager in Atlas for relevant project/activities transactions approval and control budget.
•    Support securing necessary human and financial resource capacities for the area, including consultant recruitment, supervise and coordinate the work of the team members and experts involve.
•    Lead the process of preparation, design, submission and approval of programme/project concepts and full-fledged proposals for financing and liaison with potential financing agencies and institutions.
•    Support team members in enhancing their technical, management and leadership skills through the promotion of learning activities and training.
•    Develop and carry out a personal learning plan to strengthen leadership and management skills.
•    Generate and oversee policy enhancing knowledge products on global governance and development studies for external and internal purpose, for a national and international audience, such as the Global Governance Report, China Development Bank Report and other high-level policy impact reports on the Belt and Road Initiative;
•    Expand and solidify UNDP’s research networks on regional development studies and maintain a network of renowned international and national experts on global issues

Impact of the result

The incumbent’s effectiveness would be seen in:
•    Strengthened partnership and cooperation with China on regional and global development
•    High-quality flagship initiatives in cooperation between UNDP and China
•    Increased understanding of UNDP corporate and regional management on China’s global and regional engagement supported by broad-based analysis
•    Practical and impactful projects carried out in cooperation with China on development cooperation (such as the Belt and Road Initiative, etc.)




Ability to make new and useful ideas work

Level 5: Creates new and relevant ideas and leads others to implement them


Ability to persuade others to follow

Level 5: Plans and acts transparently, actively works to remove barriers

People Management

Ability to improve performance and satisfaction

Level 5: Models high professional standards and motivates excellence in others


Ability to listen, adapt, persuade and transform

Level 5: Gains trust of peers, partners, clients by presenting complex concepts in practical terms to others


Ability to get things done while exercising good judgement

Level 5: Critically assesses value and relevance of existing policy / practice and contributes to enhanced delivery of products, services, and innovative solutions


Global Governance and China

Level 5: Originate: Catalyzes new ideas, methods, and applications to pave a path for innovation and continuous improvement in professional area of expertise

Global Leadership and Advocacy for UNDP Goals

Level 5: Originate: Catalyzes new ideas, methods, and applications to pave a path for innovation and continuous improvement in professional area of expertise

Building Strategic Partnerships

Level 5:Originate: Catalyzes new ideas, methods, and applications to pave a path for innovation and continuous improvement in professional area of expertise

Knowledge Management and Learning

Level 5: Originate: Catalyzes new ideas, methods, and applications to pave a path for innovation and continuous improvement in professional area of expertise


Level 5: Originate: Catalyzes new ideas, methods, and applications to pave a path for innovation and continuous improvement in professional area of expertise

Required Skills and Experience


•    Master’s Degree or equivalent in Economics, Political Sciences, Social Sciences, Public Administration or related disciplines.

•    Minimum of 7 years of progressively responsible experience at the national or international level in providing advisory services and hands-on experience in policy making and project designing. Experience working with China’s approaches to international development cooperation, geographical as well as sectorial priorities, China’s role in global governance and in regional cooperation dynamics with focus on Asia-Pacific, specifically related to BRI, AIIB, ASEAN, G20, BRICS is an advantage
•    Thorough knowledge of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and China’s role in the implementation and alignment of the Agenda at national and international level is required.
•    In-depth experience working with Chinese government agencies, key think tanks and media and proven ability to negotiate and achieve concrete results in complex national institutional set up.
•    Demonstrated experience in external relations and in the coordination of liaisons affairs at corporate level is required.
•    Demonstrated capacity for leading and undertaking research, knowledge products as well as leading and supporting research undertaken by external parties is required
•    Proven experience in organizing international workshops and events and/or facilitating multi-stakeholder and consultative processes and demonstrated experience in the process of building strategic partnerships is required.  Experience between UNDP China and external partners  is desirable
•    Familiarity with UN system and UNDP experience.

Language Requirements:
•    Fluency in both written and spoken English and Mandarin required.