Multimedia Producer

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Job title: Multimedia Producer
Job grade: 4
Reports to: Multimedia Unit Head

Overall purpose of the job
The Multimedia Producer is responsible for creating impactful multimedia products to help advance Greenpeace campaign and organizational goals. The core duties include providing strategic advice on the useof multimedia products, turning creative concepts into final products, marketing multimedia products and evaluating their impacts.

The post holder demonstrates considerable independence and initiative in one of the core functions of Greenpeace operation, i.e. creating photo, video, infographic and other multimedia products.
The post holder usually works with or inside Project Teams and is required to offer strategic advice on the use of multimedia products, manage production process, and promote the products in multiple mediums (e.g.television, printed media, web sites, social media etc) for different target audiences. Effective decision requires integrated approach and knowledge. The post holder may be assigned to work in projects which involve other Greenpeace offices.
Decisions made by the post holder significantly impact the success of the project. Discretion is exercised in handling confidential and sensitive information.
The post holder manages external freelancers and vendors and may exercise line management responsibility of 1 position if required by the Manager.

Major functions / responsibilities
Conceptual tasks, Strategy development and/or Project management
– Provide strategic advice and creative ideas on the use of multimedia products to help achieve campaign and organizational goals.
– Provide advice on the development of campaign, communications and action strategies so that the use of multimedia products can be well-integrated in the strategies.
– Generate ideas for multimedia products to tell impactful campaign stories among the target audiences.
– Stay abreast of latest industry trends related to one’s own professional areas and apply such knowledge to work.
– Develop new ways to use multimedia products for communications and story telling.

– Produce or manage the production process of multimedia products according to professional quality standard and agreed deadline and budget. This may include filming or shooting, editing and production, pre-production, script writing and sourcing, and managing contractors in all these areas.
– Ensure external agency, vendor and contractor are well briefed and execute products according to plan.
– Promote and market multimedia products to multiple media in order to maximize their impacts among target audiences. Distribute visual products to internal/external clients as required.
– Maintain and update multimedia library to allow access by internal and external users. Keep record of distribution. Manage archiving (both digital and analogue) of multimedia products, backup and retrievals as appropriate.
– Be responsible for copyright matters related to multimedia products.
– Acquire and maintain visual assets, including A/V equipment, hardware and software.

Support/ Coaching/ Leadership
– Develop and maintain relationships with freelancers, vendors and distribution channels.
– Support Line Manager in developing policies, protocols and guidelines related to multimedia production and distribution.
– Train or organize training for staff to increase appreciation of the value of visuals in campaigning and ability to create impactful multimedia products.
– Train staff on the use of multimedia library.

Compliance/ Keeping Framework Conditions
– Evaluate the production and use of multimedia products.
– Ensure policies, protocols and guidelines, as well as professional and ethical standards are followed in production and distribution of multimedia products.
– Stay informed of local copyright, trademark and other relevant intellectual property laws related to the production and distribution of multimedia products. Seek legal advice when needed.
– Ensure multimedia products are produced in line with external trends and follow technical specifications required in specific media market.

Competency profile
Organization competencies
– Professionalism, in particular with more than 3 years of experience in industries related to

– Achievement, in particular with demonstrated ability to use visuals to create impactful communications and engage audiences.
– Interpersonal relationship
– Knowledge sharing
– Values diversity
– Innovation

Functional competencies
– Knowledge and/or experience in graphic design and production of visual materials
– Awareness and knowledge of media landscape
– Knowledge and/or experience in advertizing techniques
– Knowledge of international broadcasting and television news agencies needs / requirements
– Understanding of the media advocacy needs of a campaigning organisation
– Fluency in written and spoken native language
– Fluency in written and spoken English

Method related
– Time management
– Project management
– Presentation and reporting skills
– Attention to details
– Work under pressure
– Risk (legal, reputation, communication impact) assessement

Social/self competencies
– Aesthetic sense (helping to make good choices in graphics, layouts, …)
– Ability to motivate and instill passion
– Build and manage relationships with providers or consultants
– Being a team player
– Commitment to the mission, principles and values of Greenpeace.
– Commitment to, and demonstrated ability to work well as part of a team.
– Flexibility to travel, including to remote areas, and work weekends and evenings when necessary.
– Ability to manage multiple projects and meet tight deadlines and deal with high stress situations and long hours.

Specific Work Environment
– The position works in a standard office environment, and is required to travel to other Greenpeace offices, campaign locations or locations where environmental problems require the presence of Greenpeace representatives.
– Be on call after hours and on weekends as requested.

This position’s salary range is from RMB 10000-20000/month.
The salary is evaluated based on relevant working experience.

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