Chief Programme Development for SDG Implementation



To help achieve the 2030 Agenda on Sustainable Development, UNDP China plans to further strengthen its programme cooperations at various levels, with both public and private sectors. UNDP has been piloting the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in China at the local level, promoting integrated local development actions reflecting sustainability principles. Building on this work, UNDP together with key Chinese counterparts will support scaling up and accelerating implementation of the SDGs at the local level, with the aim to support China in its efforts to achieve the SDGs nationally and continue its global champion role.

Objectives of the Assignment

Under the guidance of Deputy Country Director the Chief Programme Development for SDG implementation will be responsible in the mapping, identifying and liaising with potential partners from both the public and the private sector and develop large scale programmes on the SDGs under UNDP’s country programme. with special focus at the local level and leveraging public-private partnerships. He/she is also expected make substantive inputs of developing an innovative model around the SDGs and related development topics in China, and liaise with other UNDP offices working on similar initiatives.

Duties and Responsibilities
•Identify scalable project ideas to implement the SDGs at the sub-national level, and based on that design and negotiate projects (seek approval) with key partners for implementation.
•Analyze potential partners for the UNDP in government and private sector, develop cooperation models for effective and impactful implementation.
•Lead a UNDP cross-sectoral task force and SDG team to implement the SDG agenda.
•Advise the Management Team on strengthening the office’s overall partnership strategy in support of UNDP Country programme and outreach.
•Pursue and strengthen partnerships and develop pipeline projects, coordinate follow-ups and potential leads.
•In coordination / cooperation with the programme teams finalize project proposals, including implementation mechanisms, key activities/deliverables, budget and timeline, and identify optimal implementation support from all programme teams.
•In support of SDG implementation incorporate other related development topics (green planning, carbon development, big data, innovation etc.) in projects.
•Provide training advice and materials to office staff in partnership building, partly related to providing development services consultancy.
•Review, and develop the China office partnership strategy and where needed.


Outputs and Deliverables

A number of new partnerships (at least 2 at scale) with regional or local governments developed and  1-2 large scale projects developed.  Where applicable develop private-public partnerships (PPP)
•At least 2 of the current SDG localization projects are scaled up.
•At least 1 trainings on partnership building delivered.
•Resources  mobilized from public and private partners for implementation.

•Extensive experience in mobilizing resources and forging partnerships.
•Ability to work with Chinese officials, governmental and non-governmental institutions, civil society organizations, research institutes and private sector.
•Having an extensive network in the Chinese government and/or private sector.
•Ability to communicate and coordinate effectively with potential partners in Chinese.
•Be self-motivated and independent.
•Excellent understanding of the China situation, politically and economically.
•Native Chinese language computer literacy in Microsoft Office and internet applications


Required Skills and Experience
•A university degree in business or public administration, social science, economy, international and public affairs, etc. or related field.
•At least 7 years of hands-on experiences working in project development with government with proven record of partnership building, or in the private sector.
•Excellent English reading, speaking and writing skills.

Application Procedure:

“Qualified and interested individual consultants are hereby requested to apply and must submit the following documents/information uploaded to their online application”:

Documents to be included when submitting application
•Please provide Offeror’s Letter and proposal (download the format in below link) together w ith your CV while submitting application;
•Please note that the system will not accept the uploading of more than one document so please merge or scan all your documents into one prior to uploading;
•In the Offeror’s Letter and proposal, you will be asked to confirm your interest and availability for the assignment, and provide technical and financial proposal.

Offeror’s Letter and proposal Download Link

Selection criteria:

Technical evaluation – 70%; Financial Evaluation – 30%; The final offer goes to the highest combined score winner.
Only applicants submitted through the link could be considered