Partnership Manager



China is increasingly playing a significant role as a global development actor. As the world’s second largest economy and one of the most prominent South-South cooperation providers, China’s influence on development is highly important, both in recipient countries as well as on the global stage. China’s international development assistance in the form of grants and loans is set to continue expanding together with its continued support through a range of other areas that go well beyond financial aid, such as trade, tourism and migration, regional integration and other forms of cooperation.


While China’s activity in these areas are impressive, Chinese officials acknowledge that there scope for drawing lessons from international experience.  In turn, many other providers can also learn a great deal from China’s successes in delivering development cooperation. It is therefore a priority for China to engage with others to enhance development cooperation provision in future.


Since the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding between UNDP and Government of China to promote South-South cooperation (2010), UNDP has been able to position itself as a key partner for China in improving its development effectiveness by being a) a provider of high-quality and relevant policy advice to China; b) a provider of information to others about China’s best practices in cooperation, and c) a key partner for trilateral cooperation projects and other initiatives that help China to actively, and practically identify and make further improvements. Since 2012, MOFCOM has been providing UNDP China with earmarked contribution for trilateral cooperation. Most recently, UNDP has received from MOFCOM a contribution under the South South Cooperation Assistance Fund, to explore and implement assistance projects agreed upon by the Parties in clean energy, post-disaster reconstruction and other potential areas as regulated by the Economic and Technical Cooperation Agreement stipulates that the Contribution.


Given the ongoing expansion of UNDP China’s involvement in south-south cooperation in these areas and the growing complexity of the environment in which UNDP operate, there is a need to strengthen the organization’s partnership management capacity with key government partners. This will require both strong knowledge of the relevant Chinese context as well as sound experience in facilitating and building effective networks and ties with national institutions in terms of financial, knowledge building and strategic cooperation.

Under the guidance of the Team Leader for the South-South and Global Development Cooperation Team, UNDP China is looking for a Partnership Manager to contribute specifically to the delivery of UNDP’s objectives related to south-south cooperation.

Duties and Responsibilities

Summary of Key Delivery areas:
•    Strategic partnerships with key government counterparts and mobilization of government cost-sharing and earmarked resources for South South and trilateral cooperation.
•    Advisory support on positioning of UNDP China’s work to key government counterparts.
•    Management of trilateral projects funded by MOFCOM.

1.       Creation of strategic partnerships and resource mobilization strategies

•   Facilitate the development of strategic approaches to partnership building with key government counterparts, including MOFCOM and CICETE.

•   Facilitate the mobilization of government resources (including government cost-sharing and the South South Cooperation Assistance Fund) for UNDP China’s work on South-South and global engagement.

•   Facilitate the expansion of UNDP China’s SSC partnerships with the Government of China.

•   Contribute to the expansion of UNDP China’s partnerships with the private sector, and leverage funding support for domestic and trilateral projects in collaboration with MOFCOM.

2.       Provision of advisory support

•   Provide advisory support and substantive inputs on the positioning of UNDP China’s work to key government counterparts.

•   Keep in close contact and up to date with MOFCOM on national and international trends in South South cooperation and trilateral cooperation, especially the developments with the South South Fund.

•   Provide advisory support to relevant office teams in their engagement directly with MOFCOM or on matters directly related to MOFCOM.

3.       Effective communication

•   Lead and coordinate support arrangements needed for facilitating smooth communication and dialogue between UNDP China and key government counterparts (i.e., MOFCOM and CICETE) for high-level dialogues.

•   Advise on UNDP positioning in terms of external relations, meetings, products and communication activities, where requested.

•   Provide interpretation to high-level meetings.

•   Quality control of the translation of key office knowledge products.

•   Provide training to the Office on translation and interpretation.

4.       Trilateral project management

•   Manage trilateral projects funded by MOFCOM, including day-to-day project cycle management, financial oversight, M&E, related procurement and recruitment processes, implementing partner support and coordination, and support the expansion of partnerships associated with the projects.

•   Contribute to the expansion of UNDP’s trilateral cooperation in general, including exploring new areas of cooperation, preparation of concepts, quality control and support to UNDP country offices.


Building Strategic Partnerships

Proactively establishes networks of contacts for cooperation, information sharing and future collaboration.

Follows and continuously analyzes national and international developments with a bearing on strengthening strategic alliances with partners and stakeholders.


Knowledge Management and Learning

Strong ability to share information and communicate with relevant stakeholders.

High attention to and interest in development.


Development and Operational Effectiveness

Is a proven team player – enjoys and seeks collaboration with others.

Has established networks in key Chinese public institutions and beyond.

Good knowledge of UNDP result management and monitoring practices.


Management and Leadership

Focuses on and plans ahead for results.

Works at fast pace with energy.

Regularly seeks and responds to feedback, and consults on key decisions.


Global Leadership and Advocacy for UNDP’s Goals

Strong written and oral communications skills, and ability to clearly communicate UNDP goals, results and mandate in a convincing manner.

Required Skills and Experience


Master’s Degree or equivalent in Economics, Political Sciences, Social Sciences, Public Administration or related disciplines.


Min. 7 years of progressively responsible experience in partnership building and project management is required at the national or international level. Experience in the usage of computers and office software packages.

Language Requirements:

Fluency in English and Mandarin Chinese required.

Only applicants submitted through the link could be considered: