Southern Daily – Regulations for NGO self-governance should be issued soon


Source: Southern Daily, 南方日报

At the “Best Public Benefit” lecture held by the China Foundation Center and Tencent Charity Foundation last week, Wang Ming from the Tsinghua School of Public Policy and Management NGO Research Center, Xie Lihua from Rural Women Knowing All, and Wang Weina from NPI spoke about upcoming national reform of the social organization management regulations. At the end of March, the State Council General Office’s Notice Regarding the Implementation of the Division of Labor was released, stating that by December of 2013, the Ministry of Civil Affairs will complete its Regulations on the Management of Social Organization Registration.

Wang Ming emphasized the significance of registration reforms, which will allow industry associations, science and technology groups, public benefit organizations, and community service organizations (comprising 2/3 of all registered social organizations) to register directly, without requiring a “supervising unit.” He also pointed out that the Notice included specific requirements for the revision of current social organization regulations, and set a completion date of 2017.

Wang Weina pointed out that these regulations will bring quite a large burden on Civil Affairs Bureaus, which will be responsible for the administration and supervision of a much greater number of social organizations, and which may not have the capacity in terms of personnel or regulatory frameworks to handle the infusion. When asked about the major changes that would be required to effectively implement the Notice, Wang Ming discussed the attitude change that would be required among local officials, who often worry that social organizations may bring trouble to their own careers. Wang also highlighted the new responsibilities that civil affairs personnel would hold- registration, support and cultivation, and supervision, which will bring a significant burden compared with their present responsibilities.

Translated by CDB Staff

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