Translations of Laws and Regulations

The following is an expanding list of translations of laws and regulations that are in place in the Chinese NGO sector.

Overseas NGOs’ online registration handbook (Version 1.0) (updated 18th January, 2017)

Beijing Overseas NGO Supervisory Unit List (13th January, 2017)

The List of Fields of Activity, Categories of Projects and Professional Supervisory Units for Overseas NGOs Carrying Out Activities in Mainland China (updated 26th December, 2016)

Guidelines on Registering a Representative Office and Filing to Conduct Temporary Activities for Overseas NGOs (updated 1st December, 2016)


The Regulations on the Management of Foundations (Revised Draft for Public Consultation)(updated 8th June, 2016)


The Draft Regulations on the Registration and Management of  Social Service Organizations (Revised Draft of the Provisional Regulations on the Registration and Management of Civil Non-Enterprise Units for Public Consultation) (updated 8th June, 2016)


The Charity Law of the People’s Republic of China – CDB Translation (updated April, 2016)


The Charity Law of the People’s Republic of China (Draft) – CDB Translation (updated 14th December) (Public Consultation – November 2015)

– This law translation is made possible not only by our staff, but also by our volunteer translators. To suggest a correction to be made to this translation, please leave a message here.

The Charity Law of the People’s Republic of China (Second Draft) – CDB Translation (Updated 18th January, 2016) (Public Consultation – January, 2016)

– The NPC’s Law Committee and Legislative Affairs Commission reviewed the Draft according to the opinions expressed by various sides last month. The reviewed Draft has now been made available on the NPC website ( for public consultation.The deadline for comments is the 31th of January, 2016.


The People’s Republic of China’s Law on the Management of the Activities of Overseas NGOs within Mainland China – CDB Translation (updated 3rd May, 2016)


Overseas NGO Management Law (second draft) – CDB Translation (updated 14th May) (Public consultation – May 2015)

– China Development Brief has also translated the feedback and suggestions from a focus group that discussed the draft law. The focus group was convened by Professor Anthony Spires and included Hong Kong-based non-profit organisations and Chinese academics and officials. You can download the CDB translation here:

Feedback and Suggestions on the “Overseas NGO Management Law of the People’s Republic of China (Draft)” (Second reading)

– You can download more feedback and suggestions on the law from Shanghai’s ForNGO (the Legal Center for NGO, 上海复恩社会组织法律服务中心) here:

ForNGO: Opinions and Revision Suggestions on the “Foreign NGO Management Law (Second Reading Draft)” (translation and information not from CDB – we include it here as a resource for our readers. Original Chinese version here).


Bibliographies on Civil Society in China

Below are a list of sources that may be useful to those researching Chinese civil society. The bibliography has not been updated for a while but will be soon!

NGOs in China 101

Coming soon! A collection of short articles to introduce the dynamic, interesting, and complex world of Chinese NGOs to newcomers.