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Alumni petition universities in China to fight against campus harassment

Alumni petition universities in China to fight against campus harassment

Triggered by the harassment scandal at Beihang University, alumni from more than sixty universities in China have sent out open letters with signatures to their alma maters, to call for the establishment of an anti-harassment mechanism on campus. On January 2, the day after Ph.D. graduate Luo Xixi publicly exposed her former professor Chen Xiaowu at Beihang University for sexual misconduct, a graduate of Xi’an International Studies University named He Xi posted an open letter to the university president on WeChat, appealing for the setup of a prevention mechanism for campus harassment. According to He, she had already made the request right before her graduation in July 2017, and had received …read more

Nearly half of women suffer from sexual harassment on public transport in Shenzhen

Research about the alarmingly high rate of sexual harassment on public transport in Shenzhen was recently released by well-known feminist organization 女权之声 (the Voice of Feminism). The organization managed to collect replies to 433 questionnaires. 33.9% of respondents claim to have suffered from sexual harassment on public transport, and the proportion of women victims was even higher, reaching 42%. The research’s statistics are divided into five parts: the demographic distribution of interviewees, the conditions, cognition and countermeasures of the sexual harassment on public transit, and the demands and expectations of the interviewees. The most common forms of sexual harassment reported in the survey are teasing, eye contact, leering and pressing …read more

General Survey of Chinese transgender population released

General Survey of Chinese transgender population released

A national quantitative survey of the Chinese transgender population, with the largest sample size to date, has been published by a Beijing LGBT organization. The National Survey of the Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming Population in China was released to the public on the Transgender Day of Remembrance, November 20, at the Embassy of the Netherlands in Beijing. The survey was initiated by the Beijing LGBT Center and the Department of Sociology of Peking University, with support from the Dutch embassy. The published report is not only a pioneering academic research but also a channel for Chinese trans people to make their voices heard. During the press conference, Dutch ambassador Ed …read more

Accidental 17,000 yuan donation is refunded

An eight-year old child accidentally donated 17,000 yuan to the China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation (CFPA) via Wechat while playing on a phone belonging to a Mr. Liu. Later on Mr. Liu explained that he had previously set online purchases on his phone as password-free, so the donation was sent entirely by accident. He therefore requested a refund from CFPA, and received it on June 2nd. The incident immediately drew the public’s attention. After trying on both the IOS and Android systems, a reporter found that smartphone users can set payment allowances with both password-free and password-required options. In order to avoid accidents like this, users can set a relatively …read more

Taiwan first place in Asia to legalize same-sex marriage

Taiwan first place in Asia to legalize same-sex marriage

Same-sex marriage supporters hug each other on the streets of Taipei after hearing the court order. In a victorious ruling for supporters of same-sex marriage, Taiwan’s constitutional court ruled on Wednesday that the legal definition of marriage is not limited to that between a man and a woman. The ruling also gives Taiwan’s parliament two years to pass new legislation legalizing same-sex marriage. Announcements of the ruling were met with raucous applause on the streets of central Taipei, where rainbow flag-wielding supporters were awaiting the verdict. The bill to enforce the court’s ruling is already in progress, requiring that authorities either enact or amend relevant laws within two years. If …read more

At wedding market, mothers of gays and lesbians face resistance

At wedding market, mothers of gays and lesbians face resistance

A group of women trying to raise awareness of LGBT rights by advertising their single, gay sons and daughters at Shanghai’s “marriage market” were forced to disperse after a heated confrontation with other parents and security personnel. The so-called “marriage market” at Shanghai’s centrally located People’s Park draws a large crowd of parents who post signs each weekend describing their children in an effort to find a suitable partner, but organizers among the parents of LGBT children said this Saturday marked the first time that parents with gay children tried to join them. “If parents of straight people can be here, parents of gay people can also be here,” Dong …read more

Visually impaired kindergarten teacher wins discrimination lawsuit

A kindergarten teacher with eight years of educational experience, who was denied teaching qualifications after a physical exam revealed that she was blind in her right eye, has won a lawsuit against her former employer. The teacher, who wishes to be identified as Wang Li in order to protect her identity, had spent years working to obtain her teaching credentials. She brought charges against the Wuyi Bureau of Education on the grounds that she was unfairly denied her teaching qualifications. On March 28, the Jinhua Municipal Court ruled that this was unlawful and that the Bureau of Education was required to revisit her credentials application within 15 business days. When …read more

Women's Rights in China – an Interview with Feng Yuan

Women’s Rights in China – an Interview with Feng Yuan

An interview with veteran Chinese feminist Feng Yuan on women’s rights in China.

Paulson Institute awards fourth annual Paulson prize

Paulson Institute awards fourth annual Paulson prize

This article was originally published by the Paulson Institute. You can see the original here. The Paulson Institute is a non-partisan, non-profit “think and do” tank grounded in the principle that today’s most pressing economic and environmental challenges can be solved only if the United States and China work in complementary ways. Its mission is to strengthen U.S.-China relations and to advance sustainable economic growth and environmental protection in both countries. Founded in 2011 by Henry M. Paulson, Jr., the 74th Secretary of the Treasury and former Chief Executive Officer of Goldman Sachs, the Institute is based in Chicago and has offices in Washington, San Francisco, and Beijing. Learn more at  The …read more

Back to back women's rights celebrations spark controversy in China

Back to back women’s rights celebrations spark controversy in China

International Women’s Day on March 8 has been celebrated in China for decades now, but it was not until recently that students at universities across China started to celebrate a separate holiday called Girls’ Day (女生节) on March 7. The addition of Girls’ Day was partly in response to a linguistic nuance regarding the word for women in Chinese, funü (妇女), which many believe sounds more like an older, married woman. Girls’ Day has now become a sort of university Valentine’s Day, with men expressing their love to their female crushes on campuses across China. However, the creation and changing nature of Girls’ Day has met with controversy on Chinese …read more

Matchmaking events a shot at love for Chinese with disabilities

Li Mengqi was already reliant on screen-reading software — a limitation his girlfriend had come to accept. But in 2014, a vision test found that he had macular degeneration, making him disabled by Chinese standards. His girlfriend was devastated. Just a few days later, she called Li and ended their five-year relationship, saying circuitously that her mother had been pressuring her to break things off. Two years later, Li and around a hundred other young people attended a xiangqinhui, or matchmaking event, specifically organized with disabled people in mind. The biannual mixer was organized by the Jinguoyuan Matchmaking Agency. Most of the attendees were born in the 1970s or ’80s; there were …read more

Zero discrimination day aims to curb discrimination towards HIV/AIDS sufferers

March 1 has been appointed by UNAIDS as International Zero Discrimination Day, aiming to combat discrimination towards people living with HIV/AIDS. The day was first launched in 2014 with a major event in Beijing. China’s Center for Disease Control reports that those living with HIV/AIDS in the country amount to over 6 million, the main form of transmission being sexual contact. The center also estimates that between 2010 and 2016, cases of HIV infection among older men increased more than threefold. While unawareness of the disease is a factor in the prevalence of HIV/AIDS among them, another great factor is the widespread discrimination they face. China’s longest surviving man living …read more

Chinese video on domestic violence wins international award

Chinese video on domestic violence wins international award

On February 9, the Orange Umbrella Foundation’s three-minute video entitled “how to apply makeup after domestic violence” won the International Social Media Impact Award’s “Most Creative Video Award”. The video features a female blogger who runs step-by-step through the makeup application process. What grabs viewers’ attention however is that her face is covered in bruises. Sitting calmly in front of the lens, she uses mascara and blush to cover the bruises on her forehead and eyes while explaining the steps of the process. While she is adding the finishing touches, a man suddenly jumps into the frame and pushes the woman’s head down while covering the lens with his hand, …read more

Beijing’s LGBTIQ community celebrates Valentine’s Day by posing in front of Beijing landmarks

On the eve of this year’s Valentine’s Day, LGBTIQ couples went to Beijing’s most iconic landmarks and posed for the camera with cartoon cut-out banners promoting marriage equality. The iconic landmarks included the Bird Nest Stadium, Beijing University, the Summer Palace, Dashilar Street and the CCTV headquarters building. Among the participants were gay couples, lesbian couples, transgender couples, and straight couples who supported their cause. Some couples held up colorful banners that read: “the freedom to love does not distinguish gender” and “allow us to experience the woes of marriage too.” Of course there were those at the scene who did not support the idea. When passersby were interviewed, there were …read more

Gay Mom Asks China's Congress to Allow IVF for Unmarried Women

Gay Mom Asks China’s Congress to Allow IVF for Unmarried Women

This report was originally published by SixthTone. Click here to see the original. A lesbian mother of twins petitioned all 673 female members of the National People’s Congress on Tuesday afternoon, asking them to propose and support legislation giving unmarried women access to assisted reproductive technologies. “Xiaochen,” as she prefers to be known to protect her family’s privacy, lives in Shenzhen in the southern Chinese province of Guangdong, just a stone’s throw from Hong Kong, with her female partner of 10 years. Though the couple already have twins, they want to see a change to legislation that permits only married couples to access donor sperm and technologies such as in vitro …read more

Public interest litigations system in need of revamping

Editor’s note This is our translation of an editorial of Southern Metropolis Daily, which discusses cases of public interest litigations in which the public prosecution acts as the plaintiff. There have recently been quite a few such cases in China, as a result of new government policies.    The Supreme People’s Procuratorate recently held a press conference on “public prosecution litigations” during which it presented five guiding cases. These were respectively the civil litigation case of Xu Jianhui and Xu Yuxian, who were sued by the Changzhou city Procuratorate in Jiangsu Province; the civil public interest case of the Health and Family Planning Bureau and the Hospital of traditional Chinese …read more

Report released on environmental litigations in 2015

2015 has been described as the first year for environmental public welfare litigation in China. Over the course of the year, there were a total of 44 cases of environmental litigations filed by environmental organizations and procuratorial organs acting as plaintiffs. Friends of Nature, the China Environmental Protection Federation and other organizations have now jointly compiled and published the first <Environmental Public Welfare Litigation Report>, which takes environmental public interest lawsuits in 2015 as its subject. The report collects data from the year’s 44 environmental public welfare litigation cases, reviews the overall situation regarding environmental public welfare litigation from 1995 to 2015, and also carries out targeted research on a …read more

Charities Aid Foundation ranks China 144th in the World Giving Index 2015

The Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) World Giving Index 2015 has ranked China 144th for charitableness out of the 145 countries and regions surveyed, and what’s more it has found that the number of people giving to charity has fallen since 2013. The report distinguishes three categories of charitable behaviour: helping strangers, donating money to charity and volunteering time. In order to establish a comprehensive measure of giving behaviour around the globe, the Index relies on an averaging of answers concerning these three fields in each country. Each country is ranked on the basis of the number of people who engage in these categories of behaviour and their proportion within the …read more