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Rural woman files first lawsuit on forced sterilization in China

Two years ago Xia Runying, a female farmer in Jiangxi province, was forcibly sterilized by the local family planning committee. She filed a lawsuit against the committee, asserting that the surgery was illegal and seeking compensation; the first such case in China.

Two NGOs initiate first environment public interest lawsuit

On January 1st 2015, two NGOs received a notice from the Nanping city intermediate people’s court stating it had accepted to file their lawsuit. This is the first occurence of a public interest lawsuit being filed since the new “Environment Protection Law” has been enforced.

An Oral History of Wang Xingjuan

An Oral History of Wang Xingjuan

In this article, CDB’s Guo Ting interviews Wang Xingjuan, one of the pioneering figures of the Chinese feminist movement. Through Wang’s story, we get a glimpse at the development of the Chinese women’s rights movement from the end of the eighties on.

ConocoPhillips damage claim case: first court hearing concluded

Zhang Fuqiu, lawyer of the 21 plaintiffs in the ConocoPhillips case, released an interview to Caixin, explaining the circumstances of the Bohai Bay incident, and its consequences for the local environment and communities.

Inspiration from Expertise-based Grassroots Advocacy

Inspiration from Expertise-based Grassroots Advocacy

CDB’s Chief Researcher Liu Haiying gives some examples of successful advocacy campaigns pushed forward by groups of experts.

Tsinghua report: migrant worker collective action pushes for trade union reform

A new joint report from Tsinghua University and the China Youth Development Foundation suggests that without supporting the demands of migrant workers, the current situation of frequent strikes will become more serious.

The Rise and Fall of the Anti-Domestic Violence Network

The Rise and Fall of the Anti-Domestic Violence Network

Ex-ADVN program officer Dong Yige analyzes the history of the influential Anti-Domestic Violence Network and the reason for its closing down in May 2014.

Zhaodong strike ends, pension reform still controversial

After the government has accepted to increase the teachers’ wages by 772 RMB/month on average, the strike ended on November 20th.

Demanding higher wages, teachers in Zhaodong do not return to class

8,000 teachers in Zhaodong city, Heilongjiang province have been striking since November 17th after two rounds of negotiations with the authorities failed.

Landmark gender employement discrimination case

On November 12th, the Hangzhou municipality Xicheng district People’s court decided that the Oriental Cooking School was guilty of gender-based discrimination because it had a “hiring men only” policy.

Domestic Violence: The Mainstream Topic after the 1995 Conference

Domestic Violence: The Mainstream Topic after the 1995 Conference

The article describes how the concept of “anti-domestic violence” was introduced to China and how the fight against domestic violence has been mainstreamed by the Chinese feminist movement since 1995.

Guizhou refuses again to register an AIDS employment discrimination case

An HIV positive teacher’s anti-discrimination case is refused by a Guizhou court.

Domestic Workers Set Out Rules For Their Employers

Domestic Workers Set Out Rules For Their Employers

In this article, Han Hongmei uses the “I give the employers my set of rules” case study to analyze the emergence and multiplication of advocacy activities carried out by marginalized groups.

The 2013 Chinese Sexual Abuse Cases

The 2013 Chinese Sexual Abuse Cases

CDB Deputy Editor Guo Ting discusses the sexual abuse cases that were uncovered in China in 2013 and the campaigning efforts of activists.

Editorial: When public interest organizations run into “hidden rules”

In this Editorial, CDB’s Fu Tao discusses the unwritten rules Chinese public interest organizations have to deal with when operating and discusses the cases of the Shanghai United Foundation (Lianqian) and of the Nanjing NGO Justice For All.

First AIDS employment discrimination case in Jiangsu: defendent receives 40,000 yuan compensation

On October 9th, the author has learned through public interest NGO Justice for all (Tianxiagong) that the case involving an HIV carrier, Chen Xin (pseudonym), being denied employment by a government body had come to a result.

NGOs call on deans to allow LGBT students groups

On the Chinese “Teacher Day”, a number of Chinese LGBT NGOs sent a letter to deans of 112 universities and 211 training institutes asking them to pay more attention to LGBT students rights and allow LGBT students groups to register freely.

China’s first “gay therapy” litigation plaintiff sends petition to the World Health Organization

In a period of less than 5 days, more than 90,000 All Out members have signed a petition in support of a Chinese gay man, victim of “reverse therapy.”