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Parents of autistic children start a crowdfunding to build a 500-acre-town in Anhui for their children

The Beijing Kangnazhou Autism Family Support Center held an introductory and promotional event for its Xing Xing Xiao Zhen (星星小镇) program in Haidian District, Beijing on November 12. The main purposes of the event were to introduce the Xing Xing Xiao Zhen, a planned town that is specifically designed for children suffering from autism, and recruit more parents to develop the town together. Nearly a hundred parents of autistic children attended the meeting, most of them with children in their teens and 20s. The reference models of Xing Xing Xiao Zhen are the Zelkova Home (Keyaki no Sato) in Japan and the Camphill Communities. The Zelkova Home was established in …read more

Case of child abuse at Ctrip day care center in Shanghai sparks outrage

On Wednesday a case of child abuse at a day care center for employees of Ctrip, one of China’s most popular online travel agencies, aroused much coverage and heated debate. On November 3, the parent of a child who frequents the Shanghai day care center found that their boy had his left ear bruised. The parent, surnamed Wang, was then able to check the surveillance footage and found a shocking level of child abuse. The Beijing News’ reporters have collected four surveillance video clips that show staff members mistreating several toddlers. In one of the videos, a female member of staff brutally throws a girl’s bag on the floor and pushes …read more

Volunteer from Hangzhou recounts her experience teaching Chinese in Nepal

Volunteer from Hangzhou recounts her experience teaching Chinese in Nepal

In March 2017, a young Chinese woman named Lucia Wang went to teach in Nepal as part of an international volunteer program organized by the China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation. She went on her own to Dolakha, a mountainous area far from the capital of Kathmandu, and worked there for 150 days teaching Chinese to local children. Recently, an article by Lucia talking about her time volunteering in Nepal was published on the Foundation’s website. It is but one example of the experiences had by the increasing number of young Chinese who choose to engage in volunteering and charity work abroad. In the article, Lucia explains that before volunteering in Nepal, she had …read more

Local doctor administers vaccines for 38 years in mountainous areas of Hubei

Local doctor administers vaccines for 38 years in mountainous areas of Hubei

Recently a video of doctor Wang Chunsheng, who has given vaccinations to children in mountainous areas in Xi’an county, Hubei province, for 38 years, has earned people’s attention and praise online. Doctor Wang is 63 years old this year, and he was re-employed after retirement by the health center of Xi’an county, where he was born and grew up. Back in 1975, a severe measles outbreak occurred in the area and more than 20 children were infected. Wang was an amateur doctor at that time and all he could do was witness how the villagers begged gods and shamans to expel the disease instead of accepting doctors’ help. Tragically all …read more

Annual report on the 2016 National Program of Action for Child Development in China (2011-2020) released

In order to better reflect the progress of “the National Program of Action for Child Development in China (2011-2020)”, the National Statistics Bureau recently summarized and analyzed data for 2016 collected from the relevant departments in five different fields, including health, education, welfare, social environment and legal protection. The results appear to show that the Program’s implementation has proceeded smoothly and a number of indexes have achieved their goals ahead of schedule. In the field of health, children’s life quality has been improving continuously. In 2016, the infant mortality rate was 7.5%, the under-5 mortality rate was 10.2% and the low birth-weight rate was 2.73%. The promotion of breastfeeding has …read more

Online anti-human trafficking platform presented in Beijing

An online platform to fight human trafficking called “Reunion” (团圆) was presented in an exhibition entitled “5 years of advancing bravely”, held in Beijing on October 15th. Meng Qingtian, an official from the Ministry of Public Security who deals with human trafficking, explained to the public how the “Reunion” system works and how to spread information on missing children through the platform; she also called more people to get involved in charitable enterprises like this one. The “Reunion” anti-trafficking system is an online platform that was jointly launched by the Ministry of Public Security and the well-known Chinese e-commerce company Alibaba (阿里巴巴); through the platform, the police can rapidly spread information …read more

Stanford professor Scott Rozelle’s talk on rural education causes a stir in China

American economist Scott Rozelle (罗斯高) has caused a stir in China with his recent pronouncements on the country’s rural education. Professor Rozelle is the co-director of the Rural Education Action Program (REAP) at Stanford University, a team dedicated to bridging the educational gap between cities and rural areas in China. In a recent talk given in China, Rozelle poses the serious issue that, according to REAP’s survey, 63% of rural children do not go to high school. The first cause for this appallingly high figure, Rozelle believes, is malnutrition. Research by REAP has found that more than half of eighth graders in poor rural areas in China have IQs below 90, considered …read more

Fund creates a safety net for children with critical illnesses

Deng Fei, the creator of the well-known “free lunch” (免费午餐) initiative, has now started a “Critical Illness Insurance” program providing help to children with serious diseases. The idea originated when Deng Fei visited the first “Free Lunch School” in Qianxi Town, Guizhou Province. At the school he came into contact with a girl who had pulmonary tuberculosis and was not being treated. It turned out that her father also had the same illness, and her family could not afford the medical care for both, so they chose to only treat the father, since he was the breadwinner. This experience inspired Deng to start the “Insurance Charity Fund for Chinese rural …read more

Registering and Working in China - an Interview with Albert Yu, World Vision

Registering and Working in China – an Interview with Albert Yu, World Vision

In this exclusive interview with CDB, operations director of World Vision China Albert Yu speaks about his organization’s important work in China, and its successful efforts to register in the country following the passing of the Overseas NGO Law.

Angelmom: chiseling a survival channel for children with thalassemia

Angelmom: chiseling a survival channel for children with thalassemia

The Beijing Angelmom Charity Foundation started providing aid to poor children with thalassemia five years ago, after a distraught mother from Guanxi province sought help for her son, Jingsheng. While the rest of the family had given up on him, his mother refused to, and brought her son to Beijing to look for help with the following words: “if my child’s disease is curable, then cure it; if not, I will just die with him”. With the help of Angelmom, Jingsheng was able to continue living. “Little Jingsheng made us aware of thalassemia”, executive vice-president of Angelmom Qiu Lili says, “but another child with this disease that we wanted to …read more

Working with the Migrant Children of Beijing - an Interview with Helen Boyle

Working with the Migrant Children of Beijing – an Interview with Helen Boyle

Helen Boyle is a British lady who started and runs a foundation that helps improve the education of the children of migrant workers in Beijing. Today she speaks with CDB about her work, what motivates her and what children need to be happy.

Free Lunch for Children has raised 270 million yuan over six years

Free Lunch for Children has raised 270 million yuan over six years

Members of the Dong people and Free Lunch for Children representatives at the forum. Chinese charitable organization Free Lunch for Children announced at a recent social welfare forum that over the past six years they have fundraised more than 270 million yuan to provide free lunches to more than 190,000 rural children across 26 provinces. Held on May 20, the “Chinese Human Capital and Children’s Nutrition and Health” forum called on members of a rural education action plan to speak about the situation of chlidren’s nutrition and the disparity in child development across regions of differing affluence. In addition, the forum invited representatives from foundations, schools, government offices and donor organiztions …read more

Selfless American Teaches Children in Rural Gansu Province for 17 Years

Selfless American Teaches Children in Rural Gansu Province for 17 Years

The story of American teacher David Deems, who has been teaching and collecting donations for local schools in a remote area of Western China for the past 17 years.

Home improvement TV show gives daughter bed in the kitchen

Home improvement TV show gives daughter bed in the kitchen

The parents of quadruplet sons and a daughter found themselves mired in controversy this week after prioritizing their sons on a home improvement show, giving their daughter only a makeshift bedroom hidden in the kitchen. On an episode of “A Warm New Home,” the family from the southern city of Shenzhen had their apartment renovated because, at just 60 square meters, it had become cramped for seven people: The parents’ room was tiny, the four sons all shared one bed, and the daughter’s room was also being used for storage. The new layout would give everyone more space — except for the now-22-year-old daughter, who was consigned to a pullout …read more

Teenager with autism passes away in Guangdong support center

Lei Wenfeng, a teenager diagnosed with autism, passed away eight days before his sixteenth birthday. None of those around him realized he was this young because his skin was dark, he was unusually tall and he was growing a beard. Some people guessed him to be as old as 24 based on his appearance. On October 19, 2016 he was admitted to a support center in Shenzhen for medical treatment. However Wenfeng died less than two months later at another support center in Guangdong’s Xinfeng County on December 3. His story, which has been reported by the Chinese media, has highlighted the difficult conditions faced by many runaway teenagers in …read more

Migrant parents pen letter to government about school quota

With fewer than 90 days to go until primary school registration begins, migrant workers sent a letter earlier this month to the education bureau of Guangzhou, the capital of southern China’s Guangdong province, to request more places for their children in public schools. Migrant workers do not hold permanent residency in Guangzhou and thus do not automatically qualify for free public schooling in the city. The quota for out-of-town students who can attend the city’s schools has increased this year, but parents are still worried that their children will miss out. “Many friends of mine have no choice,” 26-year-old Zhang Yongqiang, one of the parents behind the letter, told Sixth …read more

Two sessions’ report highlights 2016 child abuse findings

The China Foundation of Culture and Arts for Children and the Girls’ Protection Fund teamed up with Phoenix Charity to hold the 2017 annual forum on girls’ protection for members of the “Two Sessions” (China’s two parliaments which meet every year in March) at Beijing’s Jingshi Law Firm. During the meeting, the Girl’s Protection Fund released their 2016 report on child sexual abuse in China. Below are some of the report’s most interesting findings. The research found that during 2016 there were 433 reported cases of child abuse, which represents a 30% increase from the previous year. Out of the 778 victims in 2016, 719 were underage girls, representing 92% …read more

Sex ed books for primary schoolers shock Chinese parents

  A series of primary school sex education textbooks that candidly explains the topics of intercourse, sexual orientation, and gender equality has made some Chinese parents question whether 7 years old is too young to learn about the birds and the bees. The online discussion was kicked off by a mother from Hangzhou, a city in the eastern province of Zhejiang, who was astonished to find illustrations of reproductive organs in a textbook for second-grade students. She took to microblog platform Weibo to voice her complaints, writing: “Do children nowadays start studying these things in their second year of primary school?” A textbook illustration shows a boy refusing to let …read more