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Child marriage dating back 20 years comes to the public's attention

Child marriage dating back 20 years comes to the public’s attention

Ma Panyan, an unfortunate girl born in the countryside of Chongqing, southwestern China, was forced to get married at a surprisingly early age due to family pressure. Around 20 years ago, Panyan witnessed the death of her father when her mentally ill mother knocked him down with a hoe. Afterwards her mother ran away from home, forcing Panyan and her two sisters to depend on her uncle, Ma Zhengsong. In 2000 Panyan’s uncle arranged for her to get married with Chen Xuesheng, a man 17 years her senior, after which she gave birth to their first child at the age of 14. At 19 years old, an age when most other …read more

23 ex-classmates donate Spring Festival money to impoverished girl

A recent report by the Yanzhao Evening News tells the story of 23 junior high classmates who donated their Spring Festival spending money to a girl in need in Hebei Province. For days on end, the group of classmates from Baoding had been fixated on a trending Wechat post about the impoverished 12 year old girl. “Last year we got together and spent money on drinks and entertainment for ourselves, but this year we are spending the same money on food and supplies for a girl in need”, one of the classmates, called Pang Shi Cong, told interviewers yesterday. Pang Shi Cong explained that his group of junior high classmates …read more

Luo Er, thank you for leaving us without an answer

Luo Er, thank you for leaving us without an answer

Shenzhen man Luo Er’s attempt to raise funds for the treatment of his five-year old daughter, struck with leukaemia, turned into one of the most controversial incidents of the year for China’s charity sector. This article by Southern Weekly provides an in-depth analysis of the whole affair.

2016: the ten milestones for child welfare in China

2016: the ten milestones for child welfare in China

December 12 is China’s Vulnerable Children Day. In order to mark the occasion, Beijing Normal University‘s School of Social Development and Public Policy published “China’s Ten Milestones for Child Welfare and Child Protection in 2016” in partnership with the Charity Communication Research Center of the School of Media and International Culture at Zhejiang University. The authors identify ten milestone policy decision that took place over the last year, each of which had a big impact in the field of child welfare. They can be summarized as follows: 1) The Chinese government issues a national policy in response to issues concerning left-behind children in rural areas; the group is given an …read more

Charitable project aids children with congenital hand deformities

Charitable project aids children with congenital hand deformities

With the support of the Beijing Hongdao Charity Foundation’s “Don’t Let Go of the Hands” (爱不释手) project, a little girl named Shiyuan, who suffered from a congenital deformity of her right hand, underwent a successful operation in Beijing’s Jishuitan Hospital on September 19, 2016. When Shiyuan’s gauze was removed, seeing her rehabilitated right hand her family burst into tears. When Shiyuan was born, she was found to be suffering from hexadactylia on her right hand (in other words, she was born with six fingers). Shiyuan’s family decided to put off the operation to remove the additional finger until she was a little older. When Shiyuan turned four, she became very self-conscious …read more

Xinhua News Agency questions the result of national investigation on left-behind children

Xinhua News Agency questions the result of national investigation on left-behind children

The second conference on the care and protection for rural left-behind children was held on November 9th. An investigative report on the situation of China’s left-behind children was released during the meeting. A few days later, an article was published on the website of China’s official Xinhua News Agency questioning the results contained in the report. The article puts forward a number of questions regarding the report, the most interesting of which is related to the number of left-behind children. According to a previous report, there were about 61.02 million left-behind children in China. However, the result of this national investigation shows that at present only 9.02 million children are …read more

100 free cinemas built to enrich children's lives in remote areas

100 free cinemas built to enrich children’s lives in remote areas

The 100th Huayi Brothers’ free cinema for children opened in Lijiang, Yunnan Province, on October 26th. Government officials and CEO of the Huayi Brothers Group Wang Zhonglei attended the opening ceremony, alongside local children dressed in striking ethnic minority costumes. The free cinema project is one of the Huayi Brothers Foundation’s most important ones. Its aim is to help children in impoverished regions access free movies. Over the past five years, 100 free cinemas have been built in a number of provinces including Henan, Yunnan and Qinghai. About 150,000 children have benefitted from them. The free cinemas have played a significant role in enriching children’s inner world, not only by showing …read more

400 missing people found through the Headline Person Finder

400 missing people found through the Headline Person Finder

A couple of missing twin boys were found through the Headline Person Finder on October 25th, becoming the 399th and 400th people to be rescued through this charitable project. The platform is run by a media outlet called 今日头条 (Headlines Today). Unlike some other platforms that focus exclusively on looking for children, the Headline Person Finder aims to find missing people of all ages. Out of the 400 people who have currently been found through the platform, 224 are adults with mental disorders, 147 are elderly people over the age of 60, and only 29 are juveniles. Missing adults constitute the largest group, with most of them being found after turning …read more

Yellow bracelets help the elderly find their way home

Yellow bracelets help the elderly find their way home

The “Let Love Go Back Home” project, initiated by Chinese actor Huang Xiaoming, has just come to end for 2016 in Qingdao Province. 2016 was the fourth year in the project’s five-year plan to distribute yellow bracelets to the elderly. About 200,000 of the bracelets have already been distributed to more than 10 provinces in Mainland China, as well as Hong Kong and the United States, by Huang Xiaoming’s Tomorrow Foundation. The yellow bracelets are good-looking and practical wristbands with the wearers’ information on them. Their purpose is to help lost elderly people and children find their way home. In 2016, “Huang Xiaoming Lets Love Go Back Home” won the …read more

Relief goods for China's Western regions depart from Beijing

Relief goods for China’s Western regions depart from Beijing

A ceremony marking the first annual departure of trucks with “Warming the Western Regions” relief goods was held by the Beijing Public Service Development Promotion Association, the Beijing Blue Butterfly Foundation and the Communist Youth League Committee of Chaoyang, Dongcheng and Tongzhou Districts in Beijing on October 17th. The chairman of the eighth branch of the Revolutionary Committee of the Chinese Kuomingtang in Dongcheng District Lou Penglin, Vice-chairman Luo Peilin, the secretary general of the Beijing Public Service Development Promotion Association Sun Pengfei and the secretary general of the Beijing Blue Butterfly Foundation Zhang Shijie were all in attendance. The “Warming the Western Regions” project, begun in 2006, is China’s …read more

Free Lunch for Children proposes plan to expand to Ethiopia

During the fifth Chinese Charity Expo, some attention was attracted by a small seminar entitled ‘Can Free Lunch for Children be Spread to Africa?’ The seminar, held on the 24th of September, was presided over by the brand director of Free Lunch for Children. It opened with the deputy president of the Chinese Red Cross Foundation, Liu Xuanguo, giving a talk entitled ‘Who can save the 100,000 homeless children in Addis Ababa?’, in which he shared the field experiences of his visit to Africa. In his talk Liu spoke a bit about the general situation in Ethiopia and Uganda and proposed a model of assistance to Africa through cooperation between Chinese …read more

All-China Women's Federation marks the International Day of the Girl

All-China Women’s Federation marks the International Day of the Girl

The All-China Women’s Federation (ACWF) hosted a seminar on “Girls and Sustainable Development” in Beijing last Monday, in order to mark the fifth “International Day of the Girl”. The International Day of the Girl is a global observance day declared by the United Nations, which has been celebrated on every October 11th starting from 2012. Its aim is to promote equal access for young girls to education, nutrition, legal rights and healthcare as well as protecting them from discrimination, violence and child marriages. More than 200 representatives from the ACWF, charitable organizations, enterprises, news media and related academies attended. During the event, the chairwoman of the ACWF Shen Yueyue gave a …read more

The Ningxia Autonomous Region takes new measures for targeted poverty alleviation

In the Ningxia Autonomous Region, a region of Northwestern China that is small and relatively underdeveloped economically, new measures have recently been enacted to promote targeted poverty alleviation.  The Autonomous Region’s first care site for left-behind children has been established in Xingjing, a small town subordinated to the Xixia district of Yinchuan. It provides 55 teenagers with living support, learning guidance, psychological comfort and safety education. In order to aid the protection of left-behind children in rural areas, Ningxia’s local government has also set up a panel to connect useful public resources in this field. The Xingjing district government is developing an agreement with a social services centre to purchase its services for …read more

Annual meeting on CSR in China organized by Southern Weekly

The eighth annual meeting on corporate social responsibility (CSR) in China, hosted by Southern Weekly, drew to a successful close on July 29 in Beijing. Government agents, corporate representatives, NGO and media workers concerned with corporate social responsibility, and philanthropic and social enterprises from China and abroad gathered again this year to discuss how to create a consensus on the topic of CSR. The mental health and protection of left-behind children was the most followed topic of the conference. Southern Weekly published a series of special reports on China’s left-behind children in March 2016, when the ideas of people from all sectors who care for these children were collected in …read more

Hony Social Impact Center: an investment platform connecting charity to commerce

A new investment platform, the Hony Social Impact Center (弘毅社会影响力中心), has just emerged in China. In recent years, “Social Impact Investment” that tries to connect charity to commerce has been favored by many charitable organizations and social enterprises. A need was thus felt for an investment platform caring about social value that could maximize the benefits of this combination of charity and commerce. At present the center is still in its start-up stage, but two pilot projects have already been selected: “Hands on” and “Generation Bridge”. The “Hands on” project is jointly sponsored by the 3D-printing Industry Alliance (3D打印企业联盟), Wiki Factory (维基新工厂) and other organizations working in different fields. The project aims …read more

The China Child Protection and Development Forum 2016 held last Monday

The China Child Protection and Development Forum 2016 held last Monday

The China Child Protection and Development Forum was held on the 13th of June at the Boya International Hotel of Peking University, Beijing. A News Conference on the “9958 Yuan’ai” Charitable Project was also held alongside the forum. The forum includes Chinese think-tanks operating in the field of child protection, influential NGOs that work with children and socially responsible enterprises and media. The aims are to analyze current news related to child protection, and bring more attention to children’s development, both of the physical and psychological kinds. Another goal is to encourage dialogue between experts studying child protection in the educational, judicial, medical and psychological fields. The China Child Protection …read more

New cooperation to help children with Amblyopia

The Shanghai Bright Moon Glasses Company and the Children’s foundation of China signed a new strategic cooperation agreement on public welfare in Beijing on June 6th, marking China’s twenty first Eye-care Day. Zhu Xisheng, the Secretary General of the Children’s Foundation of China and Xie Gongwan, chairman of the board of the Bright Moon Glasses CO., LTD, were both present. The cooperation between these two organizations is aimed at integrating optometric technical expertise all over China in order to provide convenient and localized services for children with eye diseases, including educational, examination, therapy and rehabilitation services. Zhu Xisheng explained the intent of their cooperation in detail. He said that the …read more

“Village Early-Education Centers” to improve preschool education in rural areas

The “Village Early-Education Centers” Project, which has now been operational for eight years, aims to improve the educational environment in rural areas, and particularly the low kindergarten enrolment of poor children. The project is sponsored by the China Development Research Foundation (CDRF, 中国发展研究基金会). By March this year, 874 kindergartens had been set up and 969 volunteer teachers had been recruited in 8 provinces and 14 counties. There are more than 22 thousand children currently studying in these kindergartens, and many children from poor, left-behind and single parent families have benefitted directly. The project’s ultimate goal is to push the relevant authorities to take strong measures, including increasing educational inputs in …read more