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Tencent confirms suspicions of machine-generated fundraising on the “9/9 Philanthropy Day”

Over a month has passed since this year’s 9/9 Philanthropy Day, which generated a total of over 1.3 billion Yuan in donations. Although the occasion was a success, there were also unfortunately some reports by members of the public of fraudulent fundraising. In response to these reports, on October 10 Tencent publicized the relevant statistics, confirming the existence of the problem. According to the statistics, there were 25,244 accounts that each donated more than 5 times within one minute, and the resulting 234,775 donations raised a total of over 7 million Yuan and generated 3.71 million Yuan of matching donations by Tencent. However, based on Tencent’s estimates, it normally takes …read more

Foreign NGO Law Discussed at the First U.S.-China Social and Cultural Dialogue

Editor’s Note This report originally appeared on ChinaFile. Please find the original here. The Foreign NGO Law and civil society cooperation more generally featured at the inaugural U.S.-China Social and Cultural Dialogue on September 28. As described in the U.S. statement on the dialogue, “Both sides discussed China’s foreign NGO management law, and concurred that it will not impede the legal activities of American NGOs in China. The United States looks forward to consultations with China on the foreign NGO management law before the end of this year.” Key in this brief mention is inclusion of the word legal, which neatly concludes that only legal activities should be permitted, without specifying which types …read more

Overseas NGOs register in Tianjin, Liaoning and Shandong

Three overseas NGOs recently registered in Tianjin, Liaoning and Shandong provinces. In Tianjin the overseas NGO management office of the local PSB recently issued registration credentials and chief representative certificates to the Philip Hayden Foundation. As has become the norm a celebratory event was held, at which the chief representative of the Foundation thanked the office and stated that the foundation would carry out its activities strictly in accordance with the law and passionately contribute to the development of charity in Tianjin. In Liaoning, it was the Canada China Agriculture Friendship Society that successfully registered its representative office. The chief of the organization’s headquarters, Mr. Yu Yiran, presented a banner to …read more

Our Registration Story: The Nature Conservancy (TNC)

Our Registration Story: The Nature Conservancy (TNC)

Following TNC’s successful registration in Beijing, chief representative Joyce Ma talks to the Center for Charity Law about her organization’s history in China, how it faced the challenge of registering under the new law, and its plans for the future.

Oxfam and two more overseas NGOs register in Beijing

Three overseas NGOs were recently awarded registration credentials and chief representative certificates by the  Beijing Public Security Bureau in Beijing, including the SportAccord Asia-Pacific Headquarters (Macau), Oxfam (Hong Kong) and the France Export Céréales. For Oxfam this is the fourth registration in China, after registering representative offices in Guangdong, Gansu and Yunnan earlier this year. Yan Dongsheng, director of the Overseas NGOs Management Office of the Beijing Public Security Bureau, congratulated the three organizations on the successful registration of their Beijing representative offices. He assured that the public security organs will continue to facilitate ONGOs’ activities, and safeguard their legitimate rights and interests in China. Meanwhile, he also expressed his hope that ONGOs will carry …read more

The first year of the Charity Law summed up

It has been just over a year since China’s Charity Law came into force on September 1st 2016. In a recent article for the China Social Organizations Magazine, professor Jia Xijin from Tsinghua University went through six focal points concerning the law’s implementation. We have tried to summarize them below: 1. Who has been regulated by the charity law? The main focus of the Charity Law is concentrated on charitable organizations. Therefore, the Charity Law regulates the establishment and operation of charitable organizations. 2. Has there been any progress in direct registration? According to the Charity Law, in order to establish charitable organizations it is necessary to apply for registration with …read more

Statistics on ONGOs' Registrations and Temporary Activities, January to August

Statistics on ONGOs’ Registrations and Temporary Activities, January to August

This article offers an overview of the statistics on Overseas NGOs registering in China under the new legal framework, looking at the period from January until August 2017.

Controversy erupts between two leading figures in China’s charity sector

Controversy has erupted between two big names in China’s charity sector: Xu Yongguang, director of the Narada Foundation, and Kang Xiaoguang, a Renmin University professor who focuses on the non-profit sector. Xu has long been a proponent of the view that the Chinese charity sector should operate in a more market-driven fashion, and last year he in fact penned an article to that effect for CDB. His newly published book Charity to the Right, Enterprise to Left ( 《公益向右,商业向左》), which makes the same point, has just been on the receiving end of a review by professor Kang in which it is savaged with a striking level of fury. The Renmin …read more

Overseas NGOs register in Beijing, Inner Mongolia, Henan and Zhejiang

A number of overseas NGOs have recently completed their registrations throughout China. Eight overseas NGOs were recently awarded registration credentials and chief representative certificates in Beijing, including the Fédération Française de Football office (FR), Junior Achievement (U.S), the Wildlife Conservation Society (U.S), the U.S Meat Export Federation (U.S), the Sun Culture Foundation (HK), the World Steel Association (BE), the Korea Chamber of Commerce & industry (KR) and the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce And Industry (IN). Junior Achievement’s Beijing office presented a thank-you banner to the municipal PSB for their warm and efficient services. In Inner Mongolia, the overseas NGO management office of the local PSB issued registration credentials and …read more

Professor Jia Xijin: the First Six Months of the ONGO Law’s Implementation

Professor Jia Xijin: the First Six Months of the ONGO Law’s Implementation

This talk by Tsinghua professor Jia Xijin looks at the first half-year of the Overseas NGO Law’s implementation, and how overseas NGOs can face the challenges they encounter when trying to register.

Third “9/9 Philanthropy Day” raises 1.3 billion

This year’s “9/9 Philanthropy Day”, the third one held so far, generated a total of over 1.3 billion Yuan in donations, including 829.9 million Yuan from the public, 299.99 million Yuan from the Tencent Foundation and 177 million Yuan from social enterprises, according to figures published by Tencent itself. This represents a very significant increase over last year’s edition. Within the three days the activity took place, from September 7 to 9, a total of 829.9 million Yuan in donations from 12.68 million donors was raised through the Tencent Charity platform, making contributions to around 6,466 charitable projects in the areas of educational assistance, medical assistance, poverty alleviation and more. Last year’s edition …read more

Dr. Zhang Lingxiao's Presentation on the ONGO Law

Dr. Zhang Lingxiao’s Presentation on the ONGO Law

A presentation by Dr. Zhang Lingxiao, Director of the Jingshi Law Firm, given during CDB’s recent workshop on the registration of foreign NGOs. It focuses on the legal practicalities related to the Overseas NGO Law.

The third “9/9 Philanthropy Day” coming up, donations for 600 million Yuan expected

The third annual “9/9 Philanthropy Day” online charity event will take place from the 7th to the 9th of September this year. Over 120 fundraising organizations and 6,700 charitable programs will participate in the event through both online and offline channels. One of the founders of Tencent and the Tencent Charity Foundation (腾讯公益慈善基金会, the Tencent Foundation in brief), Honorary President Chen Yidan, announced that this year the Tencent Foundation plans to contribute 299.99 million Yuan in donations. The total amount of donations is expected to reach around 600 million Yuan, including 309 million Yuan coming from over 300 social groups. The 9/9 Philanthropy Day was established in 2015 by initiative of the Tencent Foundation, …read more

Our Registration Story: the Ford Foundation

Our Registration Story: the Ford Foundation

An interview with Elizabeth Knupp, the Ford Foundation’s chief representative in China, about the Ford Foundation’s experience registering in China under the Overseas NGO Law and its future plans in the country.

New Government Notice on Work Permits for Foreign Staff in Overseas NGOs

New Government Notice on Work Permits for Foreign Staff in Overseas NGOs

CDB’s translation of a report on a recent government notice on the handling of work permits for the foreign staff of overseas NGOs

Statistics on the public welfare sector in 2016: 702,000 social organizations, 82.7 billion donations and 288,000 social workers

In early August, the Ministry of Civil Affairs issued the “2016 statistical bulletin on social service development” (hereinafter referred to as “bulletin”). The bulletin shows that by the end of 2016 the total number of social organizations reached 702,000, an increase of 6% over the previous year. The number of employees in this field had also risen to 7.637 million people. In 2016, including social organizations, social donations were 82.7 billion Yuan. Besides, 288,000 social workers have been contributing to the public welfare sector. Among these 702,000 social organizations, 361,000 are private non-enterprise units, and 336 of them are social groups. The number of foundations is 5559 in total, and this figure …read more

How to Ensure the Sustainability of Poverty Alleviation?

How to Ensure the Sustainability of Poverty Alleviation?

This article by CASS researcher Xun Lili explores China’s recent efforts to alleviate poverty from the perspectives of sustainability and empowerment.

How are all Chinese to Escape Poverty by 2020?

How are all Chinese to Escape Poverty by 2020?

The Chinese government has set the goal of eradicating poverty from China by 2020. This article summarizes the main points of a debate between some of China’s main experts on poverty alleviation, discussing how to define poverty and how the remaining pockets of deprivation in rural areas should be addressed.