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Ministry of Civil Affairs’ five measures to support the rural elderly

On January 25th, the Ministry of Civil Affairs released the “Community Service System Building Plan (2011-2015)”and the “Social Pension System Building Plan (2011-2015)”during its regular news conference, demonstrating how it was implemented during China’s 12th Five Year Plan and the prospects for the 13th Five Year Plan. According to Zhen Bingliang, vice director of the Social Benefits Center at the Ministry of Civil Affairs, rural elder care is a challenging issue. There are a large number of left-behind elderly, people of a very advanced age and senior citizens with empty nests who are currently leading extremely difficult lives. The solutions that the Ministry of Civil Affairs has been exploring since the 12th …read more

Beijing government plans to purchase 500 different services from social organizations in 2016

The Beijing Municipal Social Work Committee and the Beijing Social Office announced that the Beijing government would continue to purchase 500 services from various social organizations at different levels in 2016, using Beijing’s special fund for social construction. The services purchased can be divided into five categories and 30 aspects, including social public services, social charitable services, community services, social governance services and social decision advisory services. This method of purchasing services by the government encourages more social organizations to get involved with social issues and contributes to create a modern system of social organizations. Since being set up six years ago, the Beijing special fund for social construction has …read more

The reviewed draft of the Charity Law released online for public consultation

Last month the Draft of the Charity Law of the People’ s Republic of China (中华人民共和国慈善事业法(草案)) was reviewed for the second time by the 18th Session of the Standing Committee of the 12th National People’s Congress. The NPC’s Law Committee and Legislative Affairs Commission reviewed the Draft according to the opinions expressed by various sides. The reviewed Draft has now been made available on the NPC website ( for public consultation. The content of the Draft is displayed on the website in full. Comments about the draft can be made via the NPC website or by posting them to the address shown below. The deadline for comments is the 31st …read more

Report on China’s Evaluation of Social Organizations released in Shanghai

The Non-governmental Organization Administration Bureau and the Civil Service Center of the Ministry of Civil Affairs, Shanghai Jiao Tong University and the Social Sciences Academic Press jointly released a blue book entitled Report on The Development of China’s Social Organizations Evaluation 2015 (《中国社会组织评估发展报告(2015)》蓝皮书) in Shanghai. The report points out that 99 national social organizations have been evaluated as level 3A and above, accounting for 85% of the 116 organizations that received an actual assessment in 2014. The Industry and Business Association of China continuously takes active part in these assessments and offers an evaluation coverage rate of over 50%, playing an increasingly large role in promoting the healthy development of non-governmental organizations. …read more

Hope Items, an online platform to make donations, starts up!

The opening ceremony for Hope Items, a charitable project organized by the China Youth Development Foundation, was held in Beijing on December 21. The project enables people to donate their idle goods on its official website in order to satisfy the needs of teachers and students in the countryside and in undeveloped areas, allowing them to put their idle goods to use and provide rural children with a warm childhood. According to Yao Wen, the deputy secretary general of China Youth Development Foundation, Hope Items has several characteristics which set it apart from traditional donations. First of all, thanks to online (or live) communication and interaction directly between donors and recipients, the cost of …read more

Community Development: Discover, Think and Act

Community Development: Discover, Think and Act

A girl who works in the Zhenro Foundation talks about how her first experience of urban life in Shanghai and a visit to Taiwan stoked her interest in projects to help urban communities.

The China Foundation Center’s 5th Anniversary Celebration held in Beijing

The China Foundation Center’s 5th Anniversary Celebration was succesfully held in Beijing’s Jianguo Hotel on November 25th. The event was entitled ‘Win-win collaboration: building a healthy philanthropic system together’. The meeting was hosted by the China Foundation Center, a platform for industrial information disclosure initiated by 35 well-known foundations, and supported by organizations such as the Dunhe Foundation (浙江敦和慈善基金会), China Children and Teenagers Fund (中国儿童少年基金会), Shanghai Charity Foundation (上海市慈善基金会), Zhishan Foundation (智善公益基金会), Hainan Disabled Person’s Federation (海南省残疾人基金会), and Chengdu Foundation for Disabled Person (成都市残疾人福利基金会). The State Council Guidance on the promotion of the healthy development of philanthropy, published in 2014, which sets philanthropy as an important force in building a …read more

China’s Child Safety Emergency Response platform has gone online

China’s Child Safety Emergency Response platform has gone online

China’s Child Safety Emergency Response(CCSER儿童失踪预警平台)went online on its Wechat Platform on November 20th, Universal Children’s Day. The Zhongshe Social Work Development Foundation(中社社会发展基金会)and Tencent Charity jointly held a press conference for the launching of CCSER, which was initiated on May 25th 2015. CCSER was built based on strong Wechat network data and GIS technology. Once parents have completed their identity authentication on CCSER, if their kid gets lost, related information will be released and the system will go to work to find their child. The extensive coverage of the platform makes it possible to make the most of the “Golden Three Hours” for the rescue of lost kids. In the past, …read more

The Educational NGOs Alliance makes its debut in Chengdu

The Educational NGOs Alliance makes its debut in Chengdu

The fourth annual conference of Chinese educational NGOs has just been held in Chengdu. Representatives from educational NGOs and educational practitioners held discussions about topics such as the dialogue between globalization and the current situation of local education, how educational NGOs help the development of rural teachers, the dilemmas and status of rural teachers, and the career development of rural teachers. Photo of the Educational NGOs Alliance at the conference The Educational NGOs Alliance made its debut during the conference. The Alliance is composed of nine organizations including CFPA, the 21st Century Education Research Institute, Beijing TAL foundation(北京好未来公益基金会), Beijing XDF foundation (北京新东方公益基金会), Western sunshine foundation (西部阳光农村发展基金会), Green & Shine Foundation …read more

China Philanthropy Forum 2015 held in Beijing

The fourth annual China Philanthropy Forum was held in Beijing on November 17th. The forum was cohosted by the China Association for Friendship(中国友谊促进会), Caijing Magazine(《财经》杂志)and the Beijing Charity Gala Ball(集善嘉年华). This year’s theme was “Changes & Sustainability”, and academics and professionals in the sector were invited to attend. The guests discussed topics related to global philanthropy and charity innovation. As Agi Veres, director of UNDP China, said during the forum, “Charities are inclusive and should focus on global interests and demands. When we start to focus on the general situation of the world and the state of its resources, the role and meaning of philanthropy will expand enormously.” China’s new Charity Law, currently under the spotlight, was also the focus of much discussion. The Forum, which aims …read more

China Global Philanthropy Institute inaugurated

China Global Philanthropy Institute inaugurated

On November 12th, the China Global Philanthropy Institute, a joint initiative of five philanthropists including Bill Gates, was inaugurated at the Diaoyutai State Guesthouse in Beijing. Zou Ming, vice minister of Civil Affairs, Xu Qing, mayor of Shenzhen city, Bill Gates, founder of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Jack Ma, executive chairman of Alibaba Group, and other philanthropists attended the inauguration ceremony. The Institute is the first of its kind in China to have been jointly started by Chinese and American philanthropists. It aims to help nurture talents for China’s charity sector and to provide an important platform for international cooperation. At the ceremony, the philanthropists discussed the developments …read more

Green NGOs win first lawsuit since the new environmental law took effect

The Nanping Intermediate People’s Court ruled in favor of the plaintiffs on October 29 in the first ever environmental litigation since China’s revised Environmental Protection Law took effect on January 1st, 2015. The lawsuit, brought by Friends of Nature and Green Home of Fujian (福建绿家园) earlier this year, was against four men for environmental damages in Nanping, Fujian Province. The defendants,charged with damaging forestry land, were ordered to pay 1.27 million yuan to restore the land within a limited time. They will face another fine of 1.1 million yuan if they fail to carry out the restoration work in time, according to the sentence. This case has played an exemplary role in getting compensation …read more

The Ministry of Civil Affairs issues new policies on rescue work for beggars

On November the 10th, the Ministry of Civil Affairs held a video conference on the rescue work they conduct for the homeless and beggars. During the conference Zou Ming, vice minister of the MCA, detailed the existing problems in basic rescue management institutions and put forward a guideline on six practices to be followed and six to be avoided in future work. The policies are listed as follows:(1)There should be stricter security checks, and hazardous products should never be brought into the platforms of train stations. (2)The work of searching for lost relatives should be conducted timely, and cases shouldn’t be handled carelessly. (3)The fostering industry should be regulated, and fostering services …read more

Narada Foundation’s sponsorship list for the Bright Way Program 2015 revealed

Narada Foundation’s sponsorship list for the Bright Way Program 2015 revealed

On November the 6th, the Narada Foundation held an experts’ review meeting for its Bright Way Program(景行计划) in Beijing. The evaluation group was formed by Xu Yongguang, director-general of the Narada Foundation, Lu Chao, director of the NPI (上海浦东非营利组织发展中心), Tao Chuanjin, professor at the School of Social Development and Public Policy, Beijing Normal University, and Peng Yanni, executive vice secretary-general of the Narada Foundation. Seven organizations applied for the program, and during the meeting they gave presentations and answered questions from the experts gathered. Organizations were reviewed by the following standards: whether they provide leading, mature products and services; whether the leaders and core team members are broad-minded; whether the organization is at an important development juncture, and whether transformation and operational …read more

Beijing Philanthropy Fair 2015 inaugurated this month

Beijing Philanthropy Fair 2015 inaugurated this month

On the afternoon of November 1st  2015, the first Beijing Philanthropy Fair hosted by the Social Work Committee of the CPC Beijing Municipal Committee and the Beijing Social Construction Office was inaugurated successfully at the Beijing Aoyao Exhibition Center. The fair will last for three days. Almost 200 NGOs, foundations, enterprises and organizations that support social welfare over the long term will appear at the fair, and announce the latest philanthropy-related projects and set forth plans for resource launching. On the day of the inauguration, representatives from NGOs, the government sector, enterprises and foundation partners all took the stage. The exhibition included a roadshow of public projects, resource publishing, product presentations and live experiences. A member of staff …read more

Public opinion on providing platform services for social donations solicited

The Ministry of Civil Affairs, the Cyberspace Administration of China, the Ministry of Industry and Technology, and SARFT recently issued the “Regulations on the Management of the Provision of Platforms for Social Donations by Radio, Television, Magazine and Internet Information Service Providers and Telecom Operators” (《民政部、网信办、工业和信息化部、新闻出版广电总局关于规范广播、电视、报刊及互联网信息服务提供者、电信业务经营者为社会组织募捐活动提供平台服务的管理办法(征求意见稿)》) in order to regulate the provision of platform services for social donations by providers of radio, television, and internet services This regulation aims to promote healthy development of Chinese charities. Now it’s soliciting opinion from all walks of life. Opinions on it could be sent to by Nov. 11th or reflected on the MCA website here.

Hepingtai Project empowers NGO sector in lower tier cities

The Zhenro Foundation, alongside the Dunhe and Narada Foundations, will launch a new funding project called Hepingtai(和平台)in 2016, in order to promote the growth of start-up NGOs in second and third tier Chinese cities. As an open platform, Hepingtai welcomes more foundations and corporations to join in this effort to strengthen the Chinese NGO ecological chain and empower grassroot NGOs. It will cooperate with regional NGO platforms, providing them with funding (less than 100,000 RMB) and crucial training to support start-up NGOs in their regions. The criteria for its platform partners are to have at least one full-time employee, previous experience in NGO support, and a business scale of over 200,000 RMB. Candidates are currently …read more

International volunteer service exchange conference held in Beijing

On October 12, the International Volunteer Service Exchange Conference’s opening ceremony was held in Beijing. The two-day conference was co-hosted by UN Volunteers and the Beijing Volunteer Service Federation (北京市志愿服务联合会). The conference convened UN agencies, bilateral volunteer-involving organizations and government and civil society representatives from more than 20 middle-income countries in Asia, Africa, Europe/CIS, the Middle East and Latin America. UN Resident Coordinator and UNDP Resident Representative Alain Noudéhou spoke on behalf of the United Nations System in China at the opening ceremony. He also met the UN Volunteers Executive Coordinator Richard Dictus and other representatives from several of the Conference’s supporting organizations. During the Conference, proposals were put forward …read more