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What’s the relationship between migrant children and “left-behind children”?

This article explores the relationship between two phenomena in China, the children of migrants who have moved with their parents from rural areas to cities to find work (liudong ertong) and ‘left-behind children’ whose parents have moved to cities for work but have left them in rural areas (liushou ertong).

Inspiration from Expertise-based Grassroots Advocacy

Inspiration from Expertise-based Grassroots Advocacy

CDB’s Chief Researcher Liu Haiying gives some examples of successful advocacy campaigns pushed forward by groups of experts.

Parents in Beijing, children in Hengshui: hukou issues make family reunions rare

This story is about the case of over a thousand students attending the Hengshui boarding school because they cannot sit the gaokao in Beijing for lack of appropriate hukou.

Zhaodong strike ends, pension reform still controversial

After the government has accepted to increase the teachers’ wages by 772 RMB/month on average, the strike ended on November 20th.

Demanding higher wages, teachers in Zhaodong do not return to class

8,000 teachers in Zhaodong city, Heilongjiang province have been striking since November 17th after two rounds of negotiations with the authorities failed.

The multiple changes and hopes brought by the Gaokao reform

On September 4th, the Ministry of Education published the “opinions on the deepening of the exam and students’ recruitment procedures reform” (关于深化考试招生制度改革的实施意见).

A Fresh Approach: Impressions of Beijing Sun Village

A Fresh Approach: Impressions of Beijing Sun Village

Dong Huijie interviews Mrs. Zhang Shuqin, founder of the Beijing Sun Vilage and explains how the organization has transformed in a social enterprise and become self-sustainable to continue providing services to children of prisoners.

Error-ridden migrant children schools

Caixin publishes a portfoglio about the destruction of migrant children schools across the country.

3 Tips for managing a family foundation

The piece is a contribution by the Chen Yixin Family Foundation, and concerns the question of how best to maintain the legacy and ethics of family foundations as they are passed down from generation to generation.

Mother of hukou-less child sues Foshan for linking family planning certificate to eligibility for hukou

A mother of a hukou-less child is suing her local public security bureau for refusing her second child’s hukou application.

College tuition fees set to rise for the first time in 14 years

Annual tuition fees in many provinces are set to rise from 3000 to 4000 RMB and above, with the highest recorded being Zhejiang’s Engineering and Medicine undergraduate fees, which are set to rise from 3600 to 6670 RMB, an increase of 85.28%, and will affect new students matriculating after 2013.

Ministry of education “six red lines” should become “teachers’ moral bottom line”

The Ministry of education has recently issued new regulations, known as the “six red lines” (六条红线), which strictly prohibit teachers from activities such as accepting gifts, money etc. These regulations have been issued in order to combat the growing moral degradation in many Chinese schools today.

Migrant college entrance examination candidates’ fates hinge on parents’ social security contribution status

In the wake of the state college entrance examinations, Du Na (not her real name) is in despair despite having received an aggregate score of 598, 70 points higher than the entry cut-off scores of the top-tier colleges.

Philanthropy Times – Metropolitan Philanthropy Should Focus on Community

Chen Shuhui, Project Hope Donations Director and Beijing Youth Development Fund Secretary-General, discusses the culture of philanthropy in Beijing

Tongxin Experimental and New Citizen’s Jinghua: Beijing’s Migrant Schools Meet Different Fates

Tongxin Experimental and New Citizen’s Jinghua: Beijing’s Migrant Schools Meet Different Fates

The author, who goes by the pseudonym, Zhong Shiwu, discusses how one migrant school was able to survive a rash of school closings in Beijing by going public rather than engage in behind-the-scenes negotiations

View from the Media: College Entrance Exam Woes for Migrant Children

View from the Media: College Entrance Exam Woes for Migrant Children

In this article Amanda Brown-Inz examines the issues around the children of migrant workers taking the college entrance exams.

What Should China's NPOs Do to Promote Rural Education?

What Should China’s NPOs Do to Promote Rural Education?

n this summary of a longer published article, Professor Zhou goes beyond the truism that NPOs have a role to play in filling gaps in government services, by offering specific insights and recommendations on what those gaps are in the area of rural compulsory education, and how Chinese NPOs can better fill those gaps.

Taking the Legal Road for Protecting Public Interest Assets

Over the summer, the Magezhuang Campus of the Chaoyang District New Citizens School (新公民学校), a school dedicated to the education of the children of migrant workers, was ordered to temporarily cease its operations.