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Alibaba’s annual report for the 2016 fiscal year reveals extent of charitable activities

On May 25th, Alibaba released its annual report for the fiscal year of 2016 (which goes from the 1st April 2015 to the 31st March 2016). The report specially explains Alibaba’s social responsibility model and fully uncovers the scope of its charitable activities for the first time. Alibaba has announced since 2010 that it will donate 3 out of every 1000 yuan of each year’s operating income to charity, in order to create a charitable atmosphere, develop charitable undertakings and promote a sustainable development which is helpful to the relationship between humans, society and nature. The company has continued to provide aid for natural disasters, support for the poor and …read more

First foundation under “full trusteeship” appears in China

Li Peng, the director-general of the China Philanthropy Service Alliance (公益组织服务联盟), last month signed an agreement for full trusteeship with the Dream One Foundation (梦无缺基金会). According to the agreement, the China Philanthropy Service Alliance will take over all of the five basic components of the Dream One Foundation’s operations, including administration, communication, the informatization system, finance and the secretariat, and help the Dream One Foundation in its all-round daily operations. The China Philanthropy Service Alliance was set up last September. It is a third-party alliance made up of several service agencies supporting the development of philanthropy, and its first batch of partners includes Share One Consulting (善远咨询), Hi-CSR (益起来社会责任机构), Gongyifang …read more

Local action on International Day for Biological Diversity

May 22nd is the International Day for Biological Diversity, whose aim is to promote biodiversity around the world. The 2016 theme is “2016 Theme: Mainstreaming Biodiversity; Sustaining People and their Livelihoods”. In order to further advance the protection of China’s biological diversity, especially in the South China Sea, the China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF 中国生物多样性保护与绿色发展基金会) will launch a theme forum entitled “Focus on Biodiversity Protection in the South China Sea” to mark the occasion. The activity is geared to appeal to all sectors of society and encourage them to value the biodiversity of marine organisms and the protection of China’s marine ecosystem. As a civil environmental protection organization, …read more

New Policy on Equity Donations to Public Welfare Organizations Released

The Ministry of Finance of the People’s Republic of China and the State Administration of Taxation released the “Announcement about Policy on Corporate Tax on Equities Donations to Public Welfare Organizations” (《关于公益股权捐赠企业所得税政策问题的通知》) on the 10th of May. According to this document, corporate equity donations to public welfare organizations should be considered as equity transfers, and the income from the equity transfer should be calculated based on the historical cost of the equities donated. The Announcement’s provisions are valid from January 1st, 2016. Following the release of the Charity Law, the carrying out of the Announcement remits the taxation on the increment of equity value. The equities in question include equities …read more

Report questions the use of donations for the Wenchuan Earthquake

It has been revealed in a recent report by Netease that out of the 65.2 billion yuan that were donated following the 2008 Wenchuan Earthquake, only 15.1 billion yuan, or 23.16% of the total, has been publicly accounted for. Clear information on the use of the remaining 50.1 billion yuan has never been made publicly available, and even the money’s sources cannot be verified. In its wake, the dreadful Wenchuan Earthquake inspired a national fervour for donating to charities. Some charitable organisations lack the capability to manage large amounts of money and supplies however, causing a lot of problems and inefficiencies. Questioned on their activities by the general public, such organisations …read more

Shopping festival to help the disabled opened

Shopping festival to help the disabled opened

The opening ceremony of the “Jingdong/Dream One Shopping Festival” was held in Beijing on May the 10th. The activity is co-organised by Jingdong Mall (京东商城), a Chinese electronic commerce company better known as and the Dream One Foundation (梦无缺基金会), and it aims to help the disabled in China. The festival, based on the idea of “consumption for charity”, will officially kick off on the 15th of May, the National Day of Helping Disabled Persons. More than 1000 shops from Jingdong Mall will join in and voluntarily donate 1% to 10% of the day’s turnover to the Dream One Foundation. These funds will be used to support the 3D printing of prosthesis for …read more

“Bamboo Grove Project” to fund young scholars in China announced

“Bamboo Grove Project” to fund young scholars in China announced

China Charity Alliance and the Dunhe Foundation have announced the start of the “Bamboo Grove Project” (竹林计划) . The project will provide 1.5 million yuan to fund young scholars who want to carry out theoretical research in the field of charity. The project was announced on China’s Youth Day, which falls on the 4th of May. It will be funded by the Dunhe Foundation and executed by China Charity Alliance. The “Bamboo Grove Project” plans to target current postgraduates, PhD students, young scholars and charity practitioners under 40. As Liu Zhouhong, the general secretary of Dunhe Foundation, said: “I hope the ‘Bamboo Grove Project’ will develop a group of researchers and scholars of charity …read more

Selling a Foundation’s Products through Marketing Promotion

Selling a Foundation’s Products through Marketing Promotion

A young project officer from a foundation in Shanxi Province gives an interview about her work, and explains how her previous experience allowed her to find ways to apply marketing techniques to the charity sector.

Alibaba users generate 190 million charitable donations through the platform in 2015

In the year 2015, there are about 270 million people participated in charitable donations and philanthropic activities through the website, producing donations worth of 190 million yuan.

Foundations take care of the elderly on behalf of their children

A project for institutions to help elderly people with special needs was launched in Beijing on the 17th of January. Li Hongbing, the deputy director of the Beijing Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau attended the opening ceremony and gave an address, in which he said that “given the current aging of the population, it is of vital importance for the whole of society to guarantee that the elderly are well supported and protected. As a result, the institutions of care for the elderly are playing a larger role in achieving that goal”. When emergencies (like over-spending medical costs or sudden severe diseases) occur during an old person’s stay in an institution of care, …read more

“Running Man” variety show combines entertainment with charity  

The TV variety show Running Man recently won praise from CCTV News for its creative way of promoting charity, which combines entertainment with public welfare. During the last two seasons, Running Man has funded 27 impoverished schools, including Hope Project schools and schools for migrant workers’ children, by donating 13 thousand new running shoes and 27 sports playgrounds for the children. Another charitable activity, Happy Running+ Youth Support Project, jointly held by Zhejiang TV, Sina Weibo and the China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation (CFPA), was launched during the third season of Running Man, aiming to fund 12 impoverished schools in China by constructing playground tracks and donating sports facilities. The project …read more

“Little Sycee” phone app encourages private charity

On January 16th, the Beijing Yuanwang Charitable Foundation (北京圆网慈善基金会) unveiled its mobile phone application Little Sycee (小元宝) during the fifth “Yuan Plan-Fruitful Holiday”(圆计划-圆满假期)launching ceremony of a thousand volunteers in Beijing. The application, for the first time, allows individuals, especially the 120 million Chinese people who frequently donate, to establish and run their own charitable foundation through a Little Sycee account. Users can manage their donations through the “Foundation Management” function and spearhead or browse charitable initiatives or funding opportunities in “Launch Good Deeds” and “Browse Good Deeds” . The app also provides a “Lucky Wheel” function where users can exchange their charitable points for coupons. One of Little Sycee’s unique …read more

Beijing government plans to purchase 500 different services from social organizations in 2016

The Beijing Municipal Social Work Committee and the Beijing Social Office announced that the Beijing government would continue to purchase 500 services from various social organizations at different levels in 2016, using Beijing’s special fund for social construction. The services purchased can be divided into five categories and 30 aspects, including social public services, social charitable services, community services, social governance services and social decision advisory services. This method of purchasing services by the government encourages more social organizations to get involved with social issues and contributes to create a modern system of social organizations. Since being set up six years ago, the Beijing special fund for social construction has …read more

Charitable donations to be exempt from import taxes

The Ministry of Finance, the General Administration of Customs and the State Administration of Taxation have jointly issued an announcement stating that from April 1st 2016, there would be no import tariff or value-added taxes levied on materials from foreign donors which are directly used for Charity. At the same time, the Interim Measures for the Exemption of Import Taxes on Charitable Donations was released, containing specific regulations on foreign donors and domestic recipients. According to the Measures, foreign donors are natural persons, legal persons, and other organizations located outside of China. The social organizations and recipients listed include the Red Cross Society of China, the All-China Women’s Federation, the China Disabled Persons Federation, …read more

The professionalization of the NGO sector: waiting for the next five years

The professionalization of the NGO sector: waiting for the next five years

Tao Ran recounts the last five years, sharing his observations on the professionalization of the Chinese NGO sector and describing his personal efforts to become a professional in this sector, from his work at the site of a drastic earthquake to his job in a foundation

Hope Items, an online platform to make donations, starts up!

The opening ceremony for Hope Items, a charitable project organized by the China Youth Development Foundation, was held in Beijing on December 21. The project enables people to donate their idle goods on its official website in order to satisfy the needs of teachers and students in the countryside and in undeveloped areas, allowing them to put their idle goods to use and provide rural children with a warm childhood. According to Yao Wen, the deputy secretary general of China Youth Development Foundation, Hope Items has several characteristics which set it apart from traditional donations. First of all, thanks to online (or live) communication and interaction directly between donors and recipients, the cost of …read more

Support for Social Organizations from the 2016 Central Government Budget Available

The Ministry of Civil Affairs (MCA) has issued the 2016 Implementation Plan on Support for Social Organizations Participating in Social Services Provision through the Central Government Budget (《2016年中央财政支持社会组织参与社会服务项目实施方案》). The entire budget, aimed at supporting social organizations which have projects focused on aiding the aged, the disabled and children, as well as on social work, capacity building and staff training, is estimated to reach 200 million Yuan. The plan for 2016 is that the Central Government budget will not support organizational activities related to basic infrastructure, research and advocacy. Regarding social organizations with projects that have a broader range of beneficiaries such as those involving lectures, seminars or book granting, a stricter selection and …read more

Second draft of the Charity Law: no geographic limitations on online fundraising

A new version of the Charity Law draft is tabled for a reading at the on-going 18th Session of the 12th NPC Standing Committee, taking place in Beijing from December 21st to the 27th. Compared to previous drafts, this version has removed the geographic limitations on online fundraising, and increased tax benefits for charitable organizations. An earlier draft was submitted at the 17th Session of the 12th NPC Standing Committee a month ago. The lawmakers have since held several seminars to collect feedback from legal experts, scholars and charitable organizations. The geographic limitations on online, TV and broadcast fundraising in the first draft were widely considered to be unnecessary and difficult to …read more