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Community Development: Discover, Think and Act

Community Development: Discover, Think and Act

A girl who works in the Zhenro Foundation talks about how her first experience of urban life in Shanghai and a visit to Taiwan stoked her interest in projects to help urban communities.

CPFF annual meeting ends successfully

The CPFF (China Private Foundation Forum) annual meeting came to a successful end yesterday. Six observers, including Li Hong (vice secretary general of One Foundation), delivered informative reports, stressing the meeting’s theme – frontline project officers and their capacity building. Following the reports was the award ceremony hosted by Dou Ruigang, executive secretary general of the Tencent Foundation. Beijing Green and Shine Foundation(北京桂馨慈善基金会)and Sany Foundation (三一基金会) were awarded the Organizing Committee Prize. “We believe that the hope of private foundations lies in their people. It is essential to listen to the voices of frontline practitioners and respect them as well as inspiring them and stimulating their creativity. That is what …read more

CPFF annual meeting: cultivating talents

The China Private Foundation Forum (CPFF) 2015 Annual Meeting opened yesterday in Shenzhen. The nationwide gathering of NGO leaders and frontline practitioners began an effort toward forging a solid ground for private foundations in China and enhancing the capacity of those who work in this sector. “We hope to address the issue of people and hear more from the frontline practitioners. We can achieve more by the connection of our thoughts. ”said Chen Yili, the vice director general from the rotating president this year China Merchants Charitable Foundation (招商局慈善基金), in the opening speech. Following him was another opening speech by Liao Hong, deputy director of NGO Management Bureau, Ministry of …read more

Sharp drop in NGO sponsorships from overseas

On the afternoon of November 11th the Chinese Foundations Award Ceremony 2015 (中国基金会评价榜 2015), launched jointly by AIju Social Innovation (爱聚公益创新机构) and SRI (社会资源研究所), was  held in Beijing. During the award ceremony, it was revealed that based on the  feedback given by 195 NGOs, the number of overseas NGO sponsors has dropped from 98 in 2013 to 62 this year. According to experts working in the social welfare sector, the current uncertainty towards Chinese policy, due partly to the wait for the release of the Overseas NGO Management Law (the second draft), has affected the willingness of some overseas NGOs and foundations to work on projects in China. According to the event’s hosts, NGO sponsorships from overseas …read more

NGO Projects Don't Have to be Flashy

NGO Projects Don’t Have to be Flashy

A project officer in the Dunhe Foundation looks back at his three years working for this Foundation. He describes how the organization has grown since he first joined, but he also bemoans some of the problems he has encountered, which are due to both the immaturity of the sector and the inadequacy of many of the NGOs which receive the Foundation’s grants.

Amity Foundation’s 30th anniversary gala dinner held in Nanjing

Amity Foundation’s 30th anniversary gala dinner held in Nanjing

On November 7th 2015, the Amity Foundation’s 30th anniversary gala dinner was held in Nanjing. Qiu Zhonghui, current vice president and general secretary of the Foundation, pointed out at the ceremony that philanthropy should go beyond national boundaries, languages and races, and mutual respect and equality should be the consensus for charities of all kinds. Photo taken at the 30th anniversary ceremony The Amity Foundation, founded in 1985, has developed from a three-people team to one with more than one thousand staff over the past 30 years. In 2004, the Foundation started to establish its own fundraising team, and the team has raised up to 2 billions yuan till the end …read more

Hepingtai Project empowers NGO sector in lower tier cities

The Zhenro Foundation, alongside the Dunhe and Narada Foundations, will launch a new funding project called Hepingtai(和平台)in 2016, in order to promote the growth of start-up NGOs in second and third tier Chinese cities. As an open platform, Hepingtai welcomes more foundations and corporations to join in this effort to strengthen the Chinese NGO ecological chain and empower grassroot NGOs. It will cooperate with regional NGO platforms, providing them with funding (less than 100,000 RMB) and crucial training to support start-up NGOs in their regions. The criteria for its platform partners are to have at least one full-time employee, previous experience in NGO support, and a business scale of over 200,000 RMB. Candidates are currently …read more

Acting and Reflecting on the Route of Pursuing Charity Causes

Acting and Reflecting on the Route of Pursuing Charity Causes

A young project officer in a Chinese foundation looks back at how he learned to go about funding charitable projects. The author recalls some of his specific experiences of project funding, and explains how they helped him to grow and to define himself and his work.

Aiyou Charity Night 2015 held in Beijing

Aiyou Charity Night 2015 held in Beijing

The Aiyou Charity Night 2015 (2015 爱佑慈善夜), one of the biggest annual charity events in China, was held on the night of October 17th . This year’s event was co-hosted by the Aiyou Foundation (爱佑慈善基金会), the Huaxia Alumni Association (华夏同学会), and Focus Media (分众传媒), and this year’s theme was ‘everlasting love’ (爱始终如一). Through a live auction, the event raised 101, 673, 911 RMB in total, which set a new record for Aiyou Charity auction. All the donations will be used in the charity projects of the Foundation. Aiyou Foundation was the first private fund-raising foundation registered in China after the enforcement of the Regulation on Foundation Administration in 2004. The Foundation has hosted …read more

What have Overseas NGOs brought to China?

What have Overseas NGOs brought to China?

The article explores the significant impacts of overseas NGOs on the development of Chinese social organizations (namely NGOs) in four aspects.

MCA encourages the separation of fund-raising and project-operating

The Guiding Opinions on Encouraging the Distinction between the Raising and the Use of Charitable Donations and on Giving Value to Different Types of Charity Organizations (《关于鼓励实施慈善款物募用分离 充分发挥不同类型慈善组织积极作用的指导意见》) was issued by the Ministry of Civil Affairs (MCA) on October 14. The Ministry pointed out that charity resources are currently not equally distributed among different organizations. Small but service-oriented organizations often have difficulties in acquiring funds, while big organizations are not taking good advantage of their resources. According to the “Guiding Opinion”, by separating the process of fund-raising and project-operating, big grant-making organizations can focus on fund management; and organizations that excel in project operation can concentrate on providing services. The …read more

China Internet Foundation partners with Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

On September 22nd (Local time in Seattle), The China Internet Development Foundation ( first Chinese public-raising foundation in the Internet sector) and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation agreed to form a partnership, cooperating in charity and public healthcare programs in the developing countries. For more details, please see the report from Xinhua News Agency here.  

China Daily: CANGO sets up program to combat climate change

China Association for NGO Cooperation (CANGO) has started an education program to raise awareness of environmental protection and climate change among students in China. As reported by China Daily Europe, from December 2012 to August 2015, CANGO has trained 810 teachers from 449 selected middle schools from both metropolises and rural areas across five provinces of China. These middle schools are mostly recruited from CANGO’s NGO network. According to Huang Haoming, the secretary-general of CANGO, German organization Brot Fuer Die Welt, or Bread for the World provided funding for this program. As part of the program, CANGO has also organized a national design competition for middle school students with the theme …read more

“Mobile network and environmental protection” project launched in Beijing

On September 21th, the Alliance of Environmental Protection Makers (环保创客联盟) was launched in Beijing by China Environmental Protection Education, Environmental Development Centre of Ministry of Environmental Protection, Southern China Cluster of State Environment Service Industry, and the Foshan Carbon Unicom Technology Company (佛山市碳联科技有限公司). The project is the first “mobile network and environmental protection” project in China’s public welfare sector. It provides young talents who are dedicated to environmental protection with financial support, and cutting-edge technology and service models as well as a platform for creative and entrepreneurial innovation. The selected environmental makers will carry out activities such as conducting environmental protection campaigns in communities, schools and shopping malls, recycling solid waste …read more

A Comparison Between Chinese and U.S. Philanthropy

A Comparison Between Chinese and U.S. Philanthropy

CDB’s Chen Yimei outlines some of the key differences between the U.S. and Chinese philanthropic sectors.

Report of China Charity Donations 2014 released

On Sept. 19, China Charity Information Center (中民慈善捐助信息中心) issued the 2014 Report of China Charity Donations (2014年度中国慈善捐助报告) at the 4th China Charity Fair (CCF). CCIC has released reports on the same topic for 8 consecutive years. Presided over by Peng Jianmei, executive secretary of China Charity Alliance (中国慈善联合会) and director of CCIC, the news conference also gave an in-depth analysis of the report. Representatives from corporations and non-profit organizations shared their thoughts on donating strategies and experiences. The report has the following highlights: (1) China receives a total amount of 104.226 billion yuan of donation from home and abroad in 2014. The largest single donation surpassed 10 billion with Business for Good(善商)leading the …read more

The 4th Corporate Social Responsibility Salon held in Sichuan

On September 13th, the Western Big Businesses Forum / the 4th Corporate Social Responsibility Salon (西部大企业慈善论坛暨第四期企业社会责任沙龙), hosted by China Private Foundation Forum, was held in Chengdu. Keynote speakers of the forum include representatives from the Sichuan business circle, Dunhe Foundation (this year’s presiding organization) and China Merchant’s Charitable Foundation. It is hoped that by encouraging more business owners to participate in philanthropy, the development of the public welfare sector in southwest China will be significantly enhanced. Chen Guangguang, dean of School of Public Affairs and Law at Southwest Jiaotong University, presided over the forum. He said that private foundations in China have developed rapidly since 2008, and they are now working in …read more

China Charity Fair launches the “Venture Philanthropy Partner Plan”

To narrow the information gap between philanthropic projects and supporting funds, China Charity Fair (CCF)  has set up a resource platform online. According to CCF‘s organizing committee, the platform has recently launched the “Venture Philanthropy Partner Plan” (社会创投合伙人计划) to provide more opportunities for the exhibited projects and organizations at CCF. Up until now, it has attracted the attention of more than 20 “partners” from charity funds, businesses, governmental departments and social groups. And a total amount of 63.67 million yuan has been raised to fund public welfare projects at CCF. By holding a road show of these projects in its No. 1 exhibition hall, CCF hopes to attract more project starters …read more