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Official statistics show how last year’s lottery revenue was spent

Official statistics for 2017 have revealed that the annual revenue from lottery sales in China exceeded 400 billion yuan for the first time, a sum equivalent to the annual fiscal revenue of Beijing. In an interview with Xinhua, the authorities went through the account books of the lottery tickets and explained what the lottery revenues are paying for and how the funds raised through their sale are managed. According to officials from the General Office of the Ministry of Finance, the China welfare lottery and the China sports lottery systems are the major sources of lottery sales revenue. Over 55% of the revenue is used to pay the winners’ prizes. After deducting …read more

Controversy over the ‘Ice boy’ receiving only 500 Yuan in donations

A debate has ignited over the donations raised by last week’s viral “ice boy picture“. The controversy was begun by reports that the Zhuanshanbao Elementary School (转山包小学), where the boy in the picture studies, has received 100 thousand yuan in donations, and 81 students, including the boy in question, were given 500 yuan each. This piece of news was soon taken up by articles with headlines like ‘only 500 out of the 300 thousand yuan in donations end up going to the Ice Boy’, rapidly gaining momentum on social media and capturing the public’s attention once again. Many expressed doubts about whether the funds collected from contributors would be properly used. …read more