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Amendment passed to China’s Environmental Impact Assessment Law

An amendment to China’s Environmental Impact Assessment Law was passed in the beginning of July. The law originally went into effect in 2003, aiming to mitigate the damage that construction projects cause the environment and promote the coordinated development of the economy, society and nature. Although it has played a positive role in the prevention of pollution and ecological damage, some loopholes in the legislation have also made themselves evident over the 13 years it has been in place, and calls for a revision were longstanding. The amendment includes a couple of salient points. First of all, the administrative requirements for EIAs have been weakened. Before it was amended, the …read more

China’s rules on freeing captive wild animals and using animal products as medicine amended

An amendment to China’s Wild Animal Protection Law was voted through in the 21st session of the twelfth NPC standing committee. The top two issues addressed by the amendment are whether the products of wild animals under key protection in China can be used as medicine, and the rules about freeing captive wild animals. The Wild Animal Protection Law was officially enacted in March 1989, and since then it has been amended twice in 2004 and 2009, but these amendments only concerned some specific changes in the phrasing. This year’s amendments on the other hand are more substantial. Zhai Yong, the director of the Act Office of the Environmental and …read more