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At wedding market, mothers of gays and lesbians face resistance

At wedding market, mothers of gays and lesbians face resistance

A group of women trying to raise awareness of LGBT rights by advertising their single, gay sons and daughters at Shanghai’s “marriage market” were forced to disperse after a heated confrontation with other parents and security personnel. The so-called “marriage market” at Shanghai’s centrally located People’s Park draws a large crowd of parents who post signs each weekend describing their children in an effort to find a suitable partner, but organizers among the parents of LGBT children said this Saturday marked the first time that parents with gay children tried to join them. “If parents of straight people can be here, parents of gay people can also be here,” Dong …read more

Greenpeace report reveals 60% of Chinese shoppers spend excessively

Greenpeace report reveals 60% of Chinese shoppers spend excessively

This week Greenpeace released a report on international shopping habits, compiling surveys from Mainland China, Taiwan, Italy, Hong Kong and Germany, highlighting an increasing trend to overspend on fashion due to pressure from social media and the ease of online shopping. Of particular concern to Greenpeace is the prevalence of shoppers who are aware that their overconsumption is damaging to the environment, others and even themselves. The report, entitled “After the Binge, the Hangover: Insights into the Minds of Clothing Consumers”, uses statistics from surveys of 5800 people commissioned by Greenpeace to answer fundamental questions about the habits of shoppers around the world. The surveys found that more than half …read more

Home improvement TV show gives daughter bed in the kitchen

Home improvement TV show gives daughter bed in the kitchen

The parents of quadruplet sons and a daughter found themselves mired in controversy this week after prioritizing their sons on a home improvement show, giving their daughter only a makeshift bedroom hidden in the kitchen. On an episode of “A Warm New Home,” the family from the southern city of Shenzhen had their apartment renovated because, at just 60 square meters, it had become cramped for seven people: The parents’ room was tiny, the four sons all shared one bed, and the daughter’s room was also being used for storage. The new layout would give everyone more space — except for the now-22-year-old daughter, who was consigned to a pullout …read more

Chinese internet celebrity donates 22 million to alma mater

Chinese internet celebrity donates 22 million to alma mater

Papi Jiang posing in front of her Sina Weibo account name, papitube. Online celebrated figure Papi Jiang, whose real name is Jiang Yilei, rose to fame on Chinese social media over the past few years due to her humorous video blogs that she posts weekly. Papi uses fast-forward voiceover and a hilarious mixture of Chinese and English phrases to poke fun at everyday topics such as dating, family relationships and media sensations, most of which have attracted millions of views, with one live broadcasting reaching as many as 74 million views in one day. This week Papi Jiang made an appearance at her alma mater in Beijing, China’s Central Academy …read more

Philanthropy report ranks China's biggest donors

Philanthropy report ranks China’s biggest donors

Ma Huateng and Ma Yun, the top two largest donors in China over the past six years. This week the “China billion yuan donors and strategic philanthropy development report” was released, which praises the 123 Chinese philanthropists who donated more than 100 million yuan over the last six years. Prepared by China Philanthropy Research Institute and China Global Philanthropy Institute of Shenzhen, the report also tallies up their combined donations over the past six years, which amounts to over 110 billion yuan. At the top of the list of donors is the CEO of Chinese Internet conglomerate Tencent Holdings, Ma Huateng, who over the past six years donated 17.2 billion …read more

Chinese charities exploding in growth, but lacking transparency

Chinese charities exploding in growth, but lacking transparency

Statistics on charitable foundations in China were announced recently at a public funds forum jointly held by Tsinghua University’s Anti-Corruption and Governance Research Center and the China Foundation Center. Among statistics announced at the meeting, some of the more eyebrow-raising were those on the growth and transparency of China’s public funds over the past five years. “As of April 2017, net assets of China’s 5688 foundations totaled nearly 120 billion yuan, while their average value of transparency index was only 48.29 which is disappointing,” Professor Cheng of the School of Public Administration stated at the forum. Five years ago however, there were only 2700 foundations in China, whose combined assets …read more

Awareness of Charity Law’s provisions still lagging behind, says scholar

A reporter for China Society News recently interviewed Wang Ming, the dean of Tsinghua University’s China Philanthropy Research Institute, about the popularization of China’s Charity Law. When asked what the current status is regarding the Charity Law, Wang Ming replied that even though there have been a number of revisions to portions of the law and even though numerous media outlets have reported on it, the current level of public awareness on the law is not ideal. He believes that this is due to a number of reasons. One reason is insufficient coverage of meetings regarding the registration process by the Civil Administration Departments. Reporting on the Charity Law was …read more

WeChat “Red Envelopes” sent over the Spring Festival donated to charity

Over the last few years, the ancient Chinese tradition of giving red envelopes filled with cash to friends and family during the Spring Festival has been taken up by the mobile phone app WeChat. The app now allows users to send each other virtual “Red Envelopes” containing money. During last year’s Spring Festival, over 8 billion such “Red Envelopes” were delivered by WeChat users. During this year’s Spring Festival, many charity organizations called on the public to donate a portion of the money they received in “Red Envelopes” over the Spring Festival, hoping to use the money to fund the organizations’ budgets or projects. According to the Yangtze Evening News, …read more

The Chinese Charity Sector's Top 10 News Stories in 2016

The Chinese Charity Sector’s Top 10 News Stories in 2016

This article, translated from China’s Charity Times, lists the top 10 news stories to come out of the country’s charity sector in 2016. From incidents of fake fundraising to litigations on air pollution, these are the stories most representative of the changes that Chinese charity is going through.

In spite of sexism, China’s female CEOs flourish

A Chinese CEO caused an uproar a few weeks ago by announcing during the China CEO Summit, held in Beijing, that he would not invest in companies with female CEOs. “Rule number 10: we usually don’t invest in female CEOs” read the slide in a presentation given by Luo Mingxiong from Jingbei Investment, an early-stage VC firm, during the investor conference. The remark has aroused public outrage, especially among female entrepreneurs. “Luo is a low-EQ and narrow-minded investor”, Li Yi, founder and CEO of the renewable energy company Renogy-RNG Inc, wrote on Weibo. She said she was among the female CEOs Luo wouldn’t invest in, and that she would make high …read more

Unisex Toilets in China: the Debate

Unisex Toilets in China: the Debate

Unisex public toilets are appearing in a number of Chinese cities. They can be seen as a way of providing more equality of service to women, and of being inclusive of those who don’t fit into the gender binary. This article from the China News website discusses the meaning of adopting such toilets, and the debate that has arisen around this issue.

Report on financial fraud against the elderly released

The Zhicheng Public Interest Group, an organization that provides free legal assistance to marginalized groups, has recently released a report on economic crimes against the elderly. In recent years there has been much concern over an increase in financial fraud against the elderly. Since being set up in July, the Beijing legal services hotline has received 935 requests of advice from the elderly, 21% of which came from victims of financial fraud. Financial products, business projects, health care products and pyramid sales are all being used to cheat elderly people out of their savings. Zhicheng’s report, released on the 9th of September, is entitled “Risk report on economic crimes against the …read more

Ministry of Civil Affairs: individual requests for aid do not constitute public offerings

China’s Ministry of Civil Affairs (MCA) organized a press conference on September 8th to clarify that cases of people soliciting for help on an individual basis are not covered by the regulations of the Charity Law. Media outlets that publish private requests for aid should also provide an alert on the risks involved for the public. Qing An, a representative of the MCA, explained that the issue of individual solicitations for help proved to be controversial during the process of drawing up the Charity Law, and it was eventually decided not to include it within the scope of the Law. The Charity Law only stipulates that individuals are allowed to …read more

World Philanthropy Forum held at Tsinghua University

On the 5th of September, in honour of the recent passing of China’s new ‘Charity Law’ and of the ‘UN Charity Day’ which also falls on that day, Tsinghua University hosted a World Philanthropy Forum. The event was organized by the Chinese People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries (CRAFFC), Tsinghua University, and the China Soong Ching Ling Foundation. The forum’s theme was ‘a new ecology and a new philanthropy’, and the discussions centered around the fields of policy, research, practice and personnel training from the perspectives of global participation, social organizations and entrepreneurs. The event was made up of two major forums and five sub-forums. Lectures were delivered on topics including …read more

Second edition of Tencent's

Second edition of Tencent’s “9/9 Philanthropy Day” coming up, donations for hundreds of millions of Yuan expected

The annual 9/9 Philanthropy Day will take place from the 7th to the 9th of September this year. During the occasion, over 120 public offering organisations and 4000 charitable programmes will be connected with the public through both online and offline channels. The 9/9 Philanthropy Day was established in 2015 by the Office of the Central Leading Group for Cyberspace Affairs, the Bureau of Chinese Public Organisations Administration and the Tencent Foundation as well as other organisations, enterprises and celebrities. The donations for the annual event’s debut last year totalled over 127.9 million yuan. This year, Tencent will donate 199.99 million yuan, which will certainly drive more social groups to participate …read more

China celebrates its first ever Charity Day

The first ever Chinese Charity Day, which takes place today, will centre around the themes of ‘law’s role in charity’ and ’poverty relief’. The 5th of September has officially been designated as Chinese Charity Day by China’s new Charity Law, which came into force this month. A couple of Chinese cities have held events in honour of the occasion, which aims to promote the concept of charity more widely. On the 4th of September the joint Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei charitable exhibition, held at the Agricultural Exhibition Hall in Beijing, hosted a number of activities including a Charity bazaar of creative products, a 3D artificial limbs demonstration and a shadow-puppetry show. Over 150 charitable …read more

Knock-off charity groups exposed

In March 2016, China’s Ministry of Civil Affairs disclosed a list on which a number of charity associations were confirmed to be knock-offs and illegal. This led to the media conducting further investigations into those organisations. It was found that although some knock-off associations have shut down their websites, there are still some running and updating their information. For instance, the China Economic Development & Exchange Association, confirmed to be illegal by the Ministry of Civil Affairs, keeps attending international activities and affirming that they are endorsed by the Chinese government. The China Commonwealth General Association, another one of these unlicensed associations, closed its website after the list was released. However a sub-association of the CCGA in Nantong has …read more

New research centre on Chinese philanthropic trusts unveiled in Beijing

New research centre on Chinese philanthropic trusts unveiled in Beijing

The Chinese Philanthropic Trusts Practice & Development Forum, co-hosted by the China Philanthropy Institute of Beijing Normal University, the China Global Philanthropy Institute and Xinhua Net, officially kicked off on the 9th of August. The new Research Centre on Philanthropic Trusts subordinated to the China Philanthropy Institute was also unveiled during the event. Chuanjie Gao, a distinguished research fellow who used to work for the China Banking Regulatory Commission and participated in the enactment of the ‘Trust Law’, was appointed as the director. (Chuanjie Gao on the right) At present, the supporting regulations and services for Chinese philanthropic trusts are almost non-existent, but there is great potential for improvement. The …read more