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Thousands of social organizations received administrative sanctions last year

Thousands of social organizations received administrative sanctions last year

The China Youth Care Foundation was given an administrative sanction last month by the Ministry of Civil Affairs for unjustified fundraising and spending. As a result, the activities of the Foundation were suspended for a month. It has also been announced on the official website of the Ministry of Civil Affairs that the registration of the Haiyang Charity Foundation will be canceled, due to the fact that it has failed to take the prescribed annual examination for two years in a row. The Department of Civil Affairs of Sichuan Province also decided to give administrative sanctions to 109 social organizations which refused or avoided their annual examinations. According to statistics released by …read more

Should the Chinese government pull out of poverty alleviation?

Editor’s note: this is a summary of an article published by the China Philanthropy Times, which argues that the state should not get involved directly in poverty alleviation efforts, but rather harness the power of civil society. The Chinese government has recently pooled great efforts into purchasing public services, but these efforts have mostly been located in the large and medium-sized cities in developed areas. What’s more this practice has not been fully implemented, mainly because a large amount of the relevant poverty alleviation funds haven’t been leveraged. As the 2015 audit report by China’s Auditing Administration announced, out of the 5.013 billion yuan which composed the special fund for poverty …read more

New regulation on the salaries of Chinese social organizations released

China’s Ministry of Civil Affairs recently released the “advice on strengthening and improving the salary management of social organizations in China” (hereinafter referred to as the advice). The newly released legislation designs a salary management system for China’s social organizations and clarifies the salary standards. Most of China’s social organizations have until now adopted a single salary system, differentiating their staff’s levels of retribution mainly according to their ranking. This has led to a certain level of irrationality in income distribution. The advice stipulates that social organizations should establish a salary management system and incorporate it into the policy making of the meeting of members (representatives) or of the board of …read more