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Top 100 Chinese social work organizations of 2015 nominated

Top 100 Chinese social work organizations of 2015 nominated

In order to promote the standardized management of social work and its sustainable development, the Social Work School of the Open University of China and the Philanthropy Times organized a contest to nominate the “Top 100 Chinese Social Work Organizations of 2015”. Nearly 200 organizations from 22 provinces ran as candidates. Some interesting data about the winners is presented below. 1. Geographic Distribution: 44 out of the 100 top social work organizations come from Guangdong. The difference with other regions is thus very striking. Beijing comes second with 11 organizations and Shanghai comes third with 9. In total, 75 out of the 100 top social work organizations are located in …read more

China's first rainbow anti-gender based violence service center for LGBTI people opened

China’s first rainbow anti-gender based violence service center for LGBTI people opened

China’s first Rainbow Anti-Gender Based Violence Service Center (RAVSC) for LGBTI people was opened in Beijing on June 25. The center will be run by a community-based non-profit organization, Common Language, which was established in January 2005. The primary focus of Common Language is Chinese communities that suffer from oppression based on their sexual orientation and gender identity. It also endeavors to educate the general public on sexual diversity issues, to eradicate discrimination, and to fight for equal rights through community mobilization, public education, and policy advocacy. In 2008, Common Language was awarded Netherlands’ Mama Cash “She Changes the World” award. The Rainbow Anti-Gender Based Violence Service Center for LGBTI …read more

【Marketizing the NGO Sector】There is the Market, but where is the Fairness?

【Marketizing the NGO Sector】There is the Market, but where is the Fairness?

The marketization of China’s NGO sector has been the object of much debate in recent years. This article presents the views of an author who feels that the forces of the market are incompatible with the sector’s identity and values.

China Red Cross Foundation launches a special fund to help underprivileged patients

Statistics show that illness ranks as one of the top reasons for poverty in various regions of China. People with serious illnesses often try to raise money through the Internet. But according to the new Charity Law, only organizations that are qualified for public fund-raising can raise funds on designated Internet platforms. In view of the above, the China Red Cross Foundation (中国红十字基金会), a public fund-raising foundation, together with the Beijing Qingsongchou Network Technology (北京轻松筹网络科技公司), launched the Qingsongchou Micro Fund.  The Fund aims to create an online self-service assistance and fund-raising platform for underprivileged patients. The founders summarized the model of the Qingsongchou Micro Fund with three features:  “Digital Application”, which means …read more

Li Liguo:China’s philanthropy welcomes new opportunities

The 2016 Chinese Social Work Industry Development Forum was held in Beijing on June 16. The event was organized by the China Social Work Union, with the cooperation of the China Social Work Development Foundation, the Beijing Social Workers Association, and the Social Work College of the Open University of China. The honorary chairman of the China Social Work Union Xu Ruixin, the chairman of the China Social Work Union Gong Puguang, and other specialists and scholars attended the forum. By the end of 2015, 455 new social work industry associations had been established in China, a figure 57.4% higher than the equivalent for 2014. These 455 industry associations include 30 …read more

Activities held to celebrate World Oceans Day in China

Activities held to celebrate World Oceans Day in China

World Oceans Day, celebrated every 8th of June, is an event officially recognised by the United Nations. It is an observation held annually in honour of the world’s oceans, celebrating the products that the ocean provides such as seafood and marine life itself, and providing a time to appreciate its intrinsic value. In China, the State Oceanic Administration is in charge of this occurrence and holds activities every year. This year, the theme is “caring about the ocean’s health, protecting the blue star”. The main venue of this year’s activities was Beihai, in the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. The theme activities consisted of the Opening Ceremony, the Award Ceremony for …read more

2016 China Social Work Conference held in Beijing

The annual event in the field of social work, the 2016 China’s Social Work Conference(中国社会工作年会), launched its ceremony in Beijing on 14th of March by the China Association of Social Workers(CASW, 中国社会工作联合会).

State Council encourages social organizations to help the poor

A document entitled The Opinion on Further Improvement on the Poor Support System has been released by China’s State Council on the 10th of February. The document points out that it is necessary to ensure the basic livelihoods of the poor and improve the systems of social support. It also encourages social organizations to provide impoverished people with voluntary services, services bought from the government and charitable donations, creating a harmonious environment in which the whole of society cares for the poor and gets involved in helping them. If poor people need to be looked after at home, the government can ask their relatives, friends, social organizations or organizations offering social work services …read more

Support for Social Organizations from the 2016 Central Government Budget Available

The Ministry of Civil Affairs (MCA) has issued the 2016 Implementation Plan on Support for Social Organizations Participating in Social Services Provision through the Central Government Budget (《2016年中央财政支持社会组织参与社会服务项目实施方案》). The entire budget, aimed at supporting social organizations which have projects focused on aiding the aged, the disabled and children, as well as on social work, capacity building and staff training, is estimated to reach 200 million Yuan. The plan for 2016 is that the Central Government budget will not support organizational activities related to basic infrastructure, research and advocacy. Regarding social organizations with projects that have a broader range of beneficiaries such as those involving lectures, seminars or book granting, a stricter selection and …read more