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Chinese volunteer organization spearheads anti-poaching efforts in Africa

Chinese volunteer organization spearheads anti-poaching efforts in Africa

Universal Tactical Association volunteers at their training center in Beijing.  On May 15, the Universal Tactical Association (UTA) held a farewell meeting for their Africa Anti-poaching Voluntary Action Committee at a training center in Beijing. During the meeting, the founder of the committee made a presentation introducing the program and the work that the anti-poaching group hopes to achieve while in Africa. Comprised of six men and two women, the group of eight volunteers will perform fieldwork across the 2000 square kilometers of Zimbabwe’s National Park over the course of two months, using small surveillance aircrafts, ATVs and rafts to engage in patrolling activities throughout the park. They hope to …read more

A Shared Future: the Chinese Volunteers Helping Syrian Refugees

A Shared Future: the Chinese Volunteers Helping Syrian Refugees

The story of two Peking University students who went to Gaziantep, a Turkish city near the border with Syria, as volunteers to assist the numerous Syrian refugees there.

New survey reveals that China ranks low for charitable behaviour

In 2015, Gallup surveyed 145,000 people in 140 countries with three questions about their charitable behaviour. The survey results, which were released last September, show that 24% of Chinese respondents claimed to have helped a stranger within the last month, and 6% to have donated money to a charitable organization. Furthermore, 5% of Chinese respondents had done volunteer work within the last month, which was higher than the percentage in Egypt and Bosnia-Herzegovina. While tens of millions of people are included in these percentages, they are in fact low compared to other nations, so much so that China came last overall out of all the countries surveyed. China’s low ranking …read more

“China City Philanthropy Index 2014-2015” issued in Beijing

The China Charity Alliance recently released the “China City Philanthropy Index 2014-2015” in Beijing. The study shows that overall China’s urban philanthropy is flourishing, the amount of donations is steadily increasing, the number of volunteers is on the rise and social organisations are developing rapidly. Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing and Guangzhou ranked among the top ten cities. The “China City Philanthropy Index” is a set of indexing systems aimed at providing comprehensive monitoring and scientific evaluation of the regional development of Chinese charity. Its statistics and evaluations have received attention and recognition from society. This year’s Philanthropy Index considers 51 different indexes based on six aspects: social donations, voluntary work, charity …read more

Relief goods for China's Western regions depart from Beijing

Relief goods for China’s Western regions depart from Beijing

A ceremony marking the first annual departure of trucks with “Warming the Western Regions” relief goods was held by the Beijing Public Service Development Promotion Association, the Beijing Blue Butterfly Foundation and the Communist Youth League Committee of Chaoyang, Dongcheng and Tongzhou Districts in Beijing on October 17th. The chairman of the eighth branch of the Revolutionary Committee of the Chinese Kuomingtang in Dongcheng District Lou Penglin, Vice-chairman Luo Peilin, the secretary general of the Beijing Public Service Development Promotion Association Sun Pengfei and the secretary general of the Beijing Blue Butterfly Foundation Zhang Shijie were all in attendance. The “Warming the Western Regions” project, begun in 2006, is China’s …read more

Beijing Charity Week to give publicity to the Charity Law

China’s Charity Law has officially come into force on the first of September 2016. As the first basic and comprehensive law for all charitable activities, it is supposed to lead and promote the development of charity in China. Beijing‘s Civil Affairs Bureau held a press conference on the 29th of August centring around the Charity Law, during which some related activities were announced. Beijing’s municipal government has set a goal for the building of a ‘charitable Beijing’ which takes the city’s special urban identity and development strategies into account. This goal has been included in the city’s ’13th five-year plan’, and a document has been published including the detailed guidelines and principles …read more

Medical centre for children’s eye care built in Tibet

Medical centre for children’s eye care built in Tibet

On August 26 a permanent medical centre for children’s eye care was launched at the People’s Hospital of Lhasa, the capital of the Tibetan Autonomous Region, as part of the Eye Care Action Program. The center is the result of an agreement which the Hoson Foundation and the Beijing Children’s Hospital, subordinated to the Capital Medical University, respectively signed with the People’s Hospital of Lhasa. According to the agreement, the medical centre aims to popularise eyesight examinations for children, build a case system, spread eye care knowledge for children, assist eye care research in high altitude areas and carry out telemedicine and medical training. The building of the permanent eye care centre …read more

Project to send students to live in villages celebrated in Beijing

  An inspired speech on youth was delivered in Peking University’s Main Hall on July 2 as part of the annual celebration of Eagle Plan, a project organized by the Youchange China Social Entrepreneur Foundation and the Junhe Innovation Foundation. The project was launched by the Youchange Foundation in 2011. It aims to encourage aspirational and inclusive youth to experience one year of life in China’s villages so that their social responsibility and activism can be inspired, eventually making a difference to society. Up to now the project has allowed 105 students to live with local people in China’s villages, covering over 10 provinces and 20 locations. These young people have …read more

Upward in Life, Forward in the NGO sector

Upward in Life, Forward in the NGO sector

Xiaoxue, a young mother, presents a touching story of how a Chinese NGO worker grew into her role. In the article we can bear witness to her relentless search for justice and the meaning of life, and her aspirations for social reform.

Falling in Love with philanthropy

Falling in Love with philanthropy

After becoming the only full-time employee of a start-up private foundation for education in 2013, Yao Rui, a girl from Hunan, blazed a trail forward in mid-western China, a region that is seen as a vacuum by private Chinese foundations looking for NGOs with whom to cooperate. Her active efforts and positive attitude heralded a whole new phase for the work of private foundations in the region.

“Walls of Kindness” spring up in Chinese cities

“Wall of Kindness” have sprung up in many Chinese cities recently.

CFPA: over 90% of undergraduates have participated in volunteer activities

More than 90% of Chinese college students have volunteered to donate clothes, blood, and to provide social services, according to “The 2015 Report of Chinese College Students and Charity” by the China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation(CFPA).

Voice of the NGO:Adding Compassion to the Charity Law (first draft)

Voice of the NGO:Adding Compassion to the Charity Law (first draft)

ZhaiYan, Beijing Huizeren Volunteer Development Center Director, offers her suggestions for the China Charity Law (first draft), particularly regarding the legislation for volunteer services.

The Ninth International Charity Forum held in Beijing

On November 11th the ninth International Charity Forum was inaugurated in Beijing, with the theme of how charity legislation and public welfare influence one another. The forum, which is cohosted by organizations such as SOS children’s village, lasts for two days. Over 300 experts and scholars working in the public welfare sector in China and abroad will come together to discuss the forum’s theme. Topics such as the mutual interaction of charity legislation and public welfare, international charity strategies, volunteer spirit, the self-discipline of the charity industry, corporate social responsibility and the ageing of the population will be discussed through keynote speeches and the exchange of experiences. The forum aims …read more

International volunteer service exchange conference held in Beijing

On October 12, the International Volunteer Service Exchange Conference’s opening ceremony was held in Beijing. The two-day conference was co-hosted by UN Volunteers and the Beijing Volunteer Service Federation (北京市志愿服务联合会). The conference convened UN agencies, bilateral volunteer-involving organizations and government and civil society representatives from more than 20 middle-income countries in Asia, Africa, Europe/CIS, the Middle East and Latin America. UN Resident Coordinator and UNDP Resident Representative Alain Noudéhou spoke on behalf of the United Nations System in China at the opening ceremony. He also met the UN Volunteers Executive Coordinator Richard Dictus and other representatives from several of the Conference’s supporting organizations. During the Conference, proposals were put forward …read more

The government will establish a unified numbering system for volunteers

On September 14th, Ministry of Civil Affairs released a detailed interpretation of the Basic Specification of Volunteer Service Information System(志愿服务信息系统基本规范). It marks the first national standard for the information system of volunteerism. According to the interpretation, every volunteer in the country will have a unified number(统一编号)in the future. The Specification had been in the process of drafting for a year before its final release. It was drafted by volunteering organizations, universities, and other institutions. It provides standards for volunteering time, training, certification and it also has important reference for further improvement of the Volunteer Service Information System. The unified numbers (18 digits) for volunteers are set for the following reasons: (1) …read more

Guidelines released on forged volunteer service certificate

According to the official website of the Ministry of Civil Affairs(民政部), the Ministry along with Civilization Office of the Central Committee (中央文明办),the Central Committee of the Communist Young League (共青团中央), and Ministry of Education (教育部) recently released Guidelines on Standardizing the Certification of Volunteer Service Records (关于规范志愿服务记录证明工作的指导意见). According to the guidelines, individuals or work units (单位) that provide false voluntary service certificates should be recorded by relevant authorities and be announced to the public. The new regulation also points out that providers of volunteer service certificates (志愿服务记录证明) should meet all the following requirements: (1) They should be legally established organizations or work units; (2) The volunteer who needs the certificate …read more

China Youth Daily: what can NGOs do for China’s left-behind children?

The issue of China’s left-behind children issue has become the most discussed topic among Chinese NGOs. Most organizations agree that while material support for these children is important, mental and psychological needs are even more pressing.What kind of methods or models could Chinese NGOs follow to give psychological and mental support to left-behind children? The China Youth Daily writes that some Chinese NGOs (they use the term “social organizations” 社会组织) currently provide the following four types of services: 1. Community & non-professional service This type of service includes eenriching the daily lives of left-behind children by organizing after-school activities and installing facilities at schools. Research has shown that this type of service helps children become …read more