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China co-hosts global summit on women’s rights at the UN

On September 27th, China and UN Women co-hosted a global summit on women’s rights at the UN headquarters in New York. It is one of a series of summits in September marking the UN’s 70’s anniversary. More than 80 world leaders and government officials attended the Sunday summit, exchanging ideas on gender equality and women’s rights. Chinese president Xi Jinping, one of the chairpersons, delivered a speech, stressing four key points including promoting synchronous development of women and economy, actively protecting women’s rights, building a more tolerant society, and creating a better global environment for the development of women. Xi also announced that China will donate 10 million USD to UN …read more

Draft of Anti-Domestic Violence Law now available online for public consultation

The Anti-Domestic Violence Law(draft) (反家庭暴力法草案), which has been in development for several years, passed the preliminary examination by the Sixteenth Session of the Twelfth Standing Committee of the NPC on August 24. At the press conference on September 23, where the White Paper of Gender Equality and Women’s Development in China was released, Song Xiuyan, deputy director of Women and Children Work Committee of the State Council and vice-chairman of the National Women’s Federation, pointed out four aspects about the current draft which is now available for comments online: Firstly, It provides specific precautionary methods to prevent domestic violence. Secondly, the draft sets up a detailed domestic violence reporting system. Thirdly, it stipulates that …read more

White Paper of Gender Equality and Women’s Development in China issued

On Sept.22, The State Council Information Office of the PRC (国务院新闻办公室) issued the White Paper of Gender Equality and Women’s Development in China (《中国性别平等与妇女发展》白皮书), to mark the 20th anniversary of the 4th UN World Conference on Women (联合国第四次世界妇女大会) held in Beijing.This is the third white paper the Chinese government has issued in the area of women’s development. The white paper, using large amounts of facts and data, gives an account of the latest developments on gender equality and women’s rights. It will be translated into several languages, and the Chinese and  English version will be available soon in Xinhua bookstores across the country. This year also marks the 20th year since China …read more

2015 China Philanthropy Women Summit held in Xi’an

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the United Nations’ World Conference on Women, the 2015 China Philanthropy Women Summit (北京+20:中国民间公益慈善妇女峰会) was held in Xi’an on September 8th and 9th, by Shaanxi Women, Marriage and Family Research Institute (陕西省妇女理论婚姻家庭研究会). The topic of the summit is “how to integrate gender perspectives into the public welfare sector”. Over 60 female leaders in the sector participated in the meeting, and they discussed the development of women’s organizations and grassroots NGOs over the past 20 years, as well as gender mainstreaming issues in the sector. They think that the introduction and promotion of gender issues would not only be beneficial to the designing and implementation of …read more

CSR and The China Women’s Network against AIDS

CSR and The China Women’s Network against AIDS

The second case study in CDB’s 2015 report on business-NGO relations in China looks at how CSR groups have helped the China Women’s Network against AIDS with their capacity building.

Phoenix TV releases documentary on Chinese gay community

The Phoenix Satellite Television (凤凰卫视) documentary, named “It’s Me (以我之名——同性恋群体实录)”, claims to be the first documentary made by Chinese mainstream media that is narrated by gay people about their own real lives. The documentary, which took more than a year to prepare and several months to shoot, interviewed more than forty members of the gay community and their families in nine cities and worked with six gay rights NGOs. Almost all interviewees agreed to show their faces on camera.

“Asia’s biggest rainbow flag” paraded through Chinese university campus

On last week’s International Day Against Homophobia, Sun Yat-Sen University’s students organized an event to parade the rainbow flag to support LGBTQ groups on campus and kick-off Guangzhou’s gay pride month. The student publication Edaily at SYSU interviewed the event organizers and participants. According to participants at the parade, the event was organized through WeChat. Participants each received individual messages about details of the event. Participants weren’t limited to SYSU students and many came from nearby schools. Both students who identify themselves as LGBTQ and students who don’t, were actively involved in this event. Many non-LGBTQ participants expressed their willingness to show support and respect by taking part in the event. Participants …read more

New reports on child protection released before the Liang Hui

Two reports on child protection were released at a pre-CPPCC seminar hosted by the China Social Assistance Foundation on March 2, 2015. The two reports were titled the Primary School Teaching Plan on Child Sexual Assault (防性侵教育小学标准教案) and the Training Plan for Primary School Teachers to Avoid Sexual Assault Against Students (小学生防性侵课教师培训教案). Guests attending the seminar included NPC & CPPCC delegates, school principals, lawyers, education experts, scholars, reporters, and representatives from the government. During the seminar, Sun Xuemei, founder of the “Girl Protection” project run by the China Social Assistance Foundation, also released their project report: the 2014 Statistical Report on Child Sexual Assault Education and Child Sexual Abuse Cases (2014年儿童防性侵安全教育及性侵儿童案件统计报告). The report, …read more

New guidelines released on domestic violence

On March 4th China’s top judicial authorities, the Supreme People’s Court, the Supreme People’s Procuratorate, the Ministry of Public Security and the Ministry of Justice, jointly released the Guidelines on Criminal Cases Related to Domestic Violence (关于依法办理家庭暴力刑事案件的意见). The Guidelines clarify that cases where domestic violence victims use illegal methods to get away from their assaulter should be handled carefully, and take into consideration that there might be self-defense and other circumstances that could lead to a mitigated sentence or exemption from punishment. China still lacks a special law on domestic violence, even though local regulations on fighting domestic violence have been adopted by 28 provincial governments. Some national laws, including the Marriage …read more

Which Path should Marginalized Chinese Women's NGOs follow?

Which Path should Marginalized Chinese Women’s NGOs follow?

CDB’s Guo Ting analyzes the landscape of marginalized Chinese women’s NGOs, including those helping female sex workers and lesbian communities.

A Day on the Women’s Rights March

A Day on the Women’s Rights March

CDB’s Guo Ting spends 24 hours walking alongside activist Xiao Meili on her Women’s Rights March from Beijing to Guangzhou.

Rural woman files first lawsuit on forced sterilization in China

Two years ago Xia Runying, a female farmer in Jiangxi province, was forcibly sterilized by the local family planning committee. She filed a lawsuit against the committee, asserting that the surgery was illegal and seeking compensation; the first such case in China.

An Oral History of Wang Xingjuan

An Oral History of Wang Xingjuan

In this article, CDB’s Guo Ting interviews Wang Xingjuan, one of the pioneering figures of the Chinese feminist movement. Through Wang’s story, we get a glimpse at the development of the Chinese women’s rights movement from the end of the eighties on.

New anti-domestic violence legislation still conservative

On the 15th edition of the international day for the elimination of violence against women, the State Council issued the “People’s Republic of China anti-domestic violence Law (draft)”.

The Rise and Fall of the Anti-Domestic Violence Network

The Rise and Fall of the Anti-Domestic Violence Network

Ex-ADVN program officer Dong Yige analyzes the history of the influential Anti-Domestic Violence Network and the reason for its closing down in May 2014.

Landmark gender employement discrimination case

On November 12th, the Hangzhou municipality Xicheng district People’s court decided that the Oriental Cooking School was guilty of gender-based discrimination because it had a “hiring men only” policy.

Domestic Violence: The Mainstream Topic after the 1995 Conference

Domestic Violence: The Mainstream Topic after the 1995 Conference

The article describes how the concept of “anti-domestic violence” was introduced to China and how the fight against domestic violence has been mainstreamed by the Chinese feminist movement since 1995.

Domestic Workers Set Out Rules For Their Employers

Domestic Workers Set Out Rules For Their Employers

In this article, Han Hongmei uses the “I give the employers my set of rules” case study to analyze the emergence and multiplication of advocacy activities carried out by marginalized groups.