Intern with CDB

We are looking for interns with background in the social sciences, with intermediate or strong Chinese language skills (2 years of Chinese or more) and interest and/or experience in the nonprofit/civil society sector. Interns should have good organizational and communication skills and be familiar with MS Word and social media outreach.

The intern will work in the CDB office which is located in a small hutong near the Houhai area of Beijing. Applications and questions about the internship can be directed to Gabriel Corsetti at


Internship Responsibilities

1) Select, translate and summarize news articles on the development of civil society in China from Chinese sources

2) Maintain our bibliography of English-language sources on civil society.

3) Proofread translated articles in English before they are uploaded to the website.

4) Conduct research on nonprofit/civil society legislation and management in other countries.

5) Conduct English-language exchanges with CDB staff to help them improve their English

6) Develop and maintain a Facebook group page for CDB’s volunteer translators.

7) Contribute to CDB’s ongoing research projects.


The Application Process

We usually only consider applications for internships that last a minimum of three months/2-3 days a week. We accept applications on a rolling basis according to the following schedule:

Fall/Winter Internships (September to January)

Spring Internships (February to May)

Summer Internships (May to August)

To apply, please email your CV and a short cover letter to Gabriel Corsetti. The information should include:


1) the dates that you are available to do the internship.
2) the number of days per week that you are able to work.
3) your Chinese language ability.
4) whether you will be in the possession of a suitable Chinese visa.