Intern with CDB

We are looking for interns with a background in the social sciences, with intermediate or strong Chinese language skills (2 years of Chinese or more) if they are not Chinese, and interest and/or experience in the nonprofit/civil society sector. Interns should have good organizational and communication skills and be familiar with social media outreach.

The intern will work in the CDB office, which is located off a hutong in the Dongsi area of Beijing.

Applications and questions about the internship can be directed to Gabriel Corsetti at

Internship Responsibilities

  • Select, translate and summarize news articles on the development of civil society in China from Chinese sources.
  • Help to maintain and update our English WeChat account and our Facebook account.
  • Conduct research on nonprofit/civil society legislation and management in China.
  • Contribute to CDB’s ongoing research projects.
  • Any other tasks that arise related to CDB’s work.

The Application Process

We usually only consider applications for internships that last a minimum of two months, with the intern coming into the office at least three days a week. To apply, please email your CV and a short cover letter to Gabriel Corsetti. The information should include:

  • The dates that you are available to do the internship.
  • The number of days per week that you are able to work.
  •      (for applicants who are not Chinese citizens only)
  • Your Chinese language ability.
  • Whether you will be in possession of a suitable Chinese visa.