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Capacity Building

Third CCTV Charity Night Held

The third CCTV Charity Night was held in Beijing last Tuesday evening. This year’s themes were philanthropy and poverty alleviation. Ten people were selected by a committee to receive the title of “Charitable Figure of the Year”, based on their…

Philanthropy or Social Development?

The author of this article, a project manager of Marie Stopes International China, challenges the currently dominant discourse by replacing “philanthropy” with “social development”, and “social organizations” with “social development organizations”. He also analyzes imported words such as “empowerment” from a Chinese perspective in the hope that these terms will evolve and thrive in the local environment.

Upward in Life, Forward in the NGO sector

Xiaoxue, a young mother, presents a touching story of how a Chinese NGO worker grew into her role. In the article we can bear witness to her relentless search for justice and the meaning of life, and her aspirations for social reform.

Chinese grassroots organizations receive an average score of 32.44 in transparency index

The recently released <Transparency Report of China Grassroots Philanthropic Organizations (2015)>(《中国民间公益组织透明度发展研究报告(2015)》) has provided some interesting facts regarding the development of Chinese NGOs. Launched by the Union of Self-Disciplinary Organizations (USDO), the report includes 1738 philanthropic institutions, covering 17 domains of…

Falling in Love with philanthropy

After becoming the only full-time employee of a start-up private foundation for education in 2013, Yao Rui, a girl from Hunan, blazed a trail forward in mid-western China, a region that is seen as a vacuum by private Chinese foundations looking for NGOs with whom to cooperate. Her active efforts and positive attitude heralded a whole new phase for the work of private foundations in the region.

From Business to the NGO Sector: the Unexpected Certainty

Yang Yang, a former public relations manager and a sharp business woman, unexpectedly starts anew in the NGO sector as a project officer for TAE Charitable Foundation. Combining her business acumen and media expertise with NGO work, Yang Yang is able to navigate the sector and develop innovative solutions for social problems.

“Little Sycee” phone app encourages private charity

On January 16th, the Beijing Yuanwang Charitable Foundation (北京圆网慈善基金会) unveiled its mobile phone application Little Sycee (小元宝) during the fifth “Yuan Plan-Fruitful Holiday”(圆计划-圆满假期)launching ceremony of a thousand volunteers in Beijing. The application, for the first time, allows individuals, especially the…

NPC passes Anti-Domestic Violence Law

The People’s Republic of China Anti-Domestic Violence Law was released during the Eighteenth Session of the Twelfth Standing Committee of the NPC on December 27. This law will be enforced from March 1st, 2016. It defines domestic violence as beating,…

Support for Social Organizations from the 2016 Central Government Budget Available

The Ministry of Civil Affairs (MCA) has issued the 2016 Implementation Plan on Support for Social Organizations Participating in Social Services Provision through the Central Government Budget (《2016年中央财政支持社会组织参与社会服务项目实施方案》). The entire budget, aimed at supporting social organizations which have projects focused…

Passing on love online

The China Internet Development Foundation (CIDF) announced an initiative called the “Sea of Love-Promoting Internet Charity” during the Second World Internet Conference in Wuzhen. The initiative was promoted jointly by 104 Internet companies and media agencies including the People News…

What do the secretary-generals have to say in reply to “Frontline Voices ”?

Since the release of CDB's Frontline Voices column, have the voices of these grant-making officers been heard by the management? Will there be any measures to address the issues mentioned in the articles? In this interview, eight secretary-generals of private Chinese foundations give their own answers to these questions.

US-China Charity Law Workshop held in Beijing

Over 40 US and Chinese legal experts and NGO practitioners gathered recently in a Charity Law Workshop in Beijing, addressing the controversy over China’s Charity Law draft (see here) and Mark Zuckerberg’s pledge to donate 99% of his shares to…