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Community Development

500 million Chinese reported to now have a family doctor

The Forum of Chinese Family Doctors was held in Beijing on the 17th of December. According to a recent report by the National Health and Family Planning Commission (NHFPC), which was quoted during the forum, more than 95% of the…

Third “9/9 Philanthropy Day” raises 1.3 billion

This year’s “9/9 Philanthropy Day”, the third one held so far, generated a total of over 1.3 billion Yuan in donations, including 829.9 million Yuan from the public, 299.99 million Yuan from the Tencent Foundation and 177 million Yuan from…

How are all Chinese to Escape Poverty by 2020?

The Chinese government has set the goal of eradicating poverty from China by 2020. This article summarizes the main points of a debate between some of China's main experts on poverty alleviation, discussing how to define poverty and how the remaining pockets of deprivation in rural areas should be addressed.

Zhu Jiangang on the Development of Community Foundations in China

China's community foundations are still few in number, but the majority of those now in existence were created over the last couple of years. In this article and interview, academic and foundation director Zhu Jiangang discusses their challenges and future prospects.

China to set up public facilities for left-behind children

China will set up social welfare facilities to support children who are left behind or in need in counties and urban districts, according to a plan released by the Chinese government. The 13th five-year plan for the implementation of social…

“China City Philanthropy Index 2014-2015” issued in Beijing

The China Charity Alliance recently released the “China City Philanthropy Index 2014-2015” in Beijing. The study shows that overall China’s urban philanthropy is flourishing, the amount of donations is steadily increasing, the number of volunteers is on the rise and…

The fifth Chinese Charity Expo inaugurated in Shenzhen

The fifth Chinese Charity Expo was inaugurated in Shenzhen on the 23rd of September. The Chinese Charity Expo is an annual event jointly organised by the Ministry of Civil Affairs, the All-China Federation of Industry & Commerce, the Guangdong provincial…