CDB Reports

Community Development

The New Lei Fengs: From Sacrifice to Win-Win?

CDB's Tom Bannister introduces some of the themes that emerged from his research into Chinese NGO volunteerism, including the re-definition of volunteering and the impact of changed social values on volunteerism.

Anti-Drug Social Work Practices in Shenzhen

June 26 marked the International Day against Drug Abuse and anti-drug publicity and campaigns have been carried out throughout China. State regulations have recently expressed support of community organizations participating in drug treatment services.

Chengdu’s Aiyouxi: Building a Harmonious Community

CDB Senior Researcher, Fu Tao, introduces a unique community-based social enterprise that brings theater, a community marketplace, and community self-governance together in a neighborhood in Chengdu, the provincial capital of Sichuan.

Government Procurement Promotes Social Work Agencies

The following is a dense but very interesting article on a cutting-edge trend in China: the flowering of nonprofit (and some for-profit) social work agencies that are appearing in Chinese cities with the support of government funding and support

Gingko Partner Interview: Sun Heng

This article profiles Sun Heng, founder of Migrant Worker’s Home, an organization which incorporates a business model for earning income to sustain and expand its operations in pursuit of its mission to create a community for migrant workers

The Garbage Crisis: NGOs’ Call to Action

This article takes a fresh look at familiar waste management issues. Given the many environmental NGOs involved, waste management has developed into a rare arena for grassroots social action