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Eight things you should know about the Yangtze River’s new legal rights

Editor’s Note: This is an abbreviated and adapted translation of an article published by the Beijing News on the 1st of March, 2021, under the title《长江保护法》今起正式施行  8个关键词解读如何保护长江.  On the 1st of March, the Yangtze River Protection Law officially came into…

The first week of waste-sorting in Beijing

Beijing recently became the second Chinese city after Shanghai to enforce mandatory domestic waste-sorting. The newly revised Beijing Municipal Waste Management Regulations came into effect on May 1st. A Xinhua report from May 8th looks at some of the problems…

China’s Ban on Plastic Waste Imports and the Way Forward

Anke Schrader, a senior researcher at The Conference Board in Beijing, spoke to CDB on the sidelines of the 2020 CRO Global Summit in Shanghai to share her views on how the plastic waste import ban and the new waste-sorting rules may help China achieve their industry-upgrading ambitions, and how the recycling industry is adapting to the changes since the ban.

Logo for the 2020 UN Biodiversity Conference released

The logo for the 2020 United Nations Conference on biological diversity was officially released in Beijing on January 9th. The Conference of the Parties (COP15) to the Convention on Biological Diversity, themed “Ecological Civilization — Building a Shared Future for…

TV star Hu Ge volunteers in the Tibetan plateau

Chinese actor and singer Hu Ge (also known as Hugh Hu), famous for his roles in a number of popular historical TV dramas, recently publicised his environmental protection activities in the Tibetan plateau. Earlier this month, Hu gave a lecture …

Roots & Shoots – the Seed of Hope Jane Goodall Planted for the World

Jane Goodall’s recent visit created a social media wave in China, however her trip is only for the short term, the battle for the environment is not. CDB visited Roots & Shoots Beijing to take a closer look at how this organization of five carries on Jane Goodall’s mission in China, nurturing 20,000 young people every year to be compassionate change-makers and leaders for our future.

Nature-based solutions: 5 important publications by IUCN

As the leading organization of the research and promotion of NbS, IUCN has published many relevant reports and journals, providing researchers and policy makers their expert guidance and suggestions. In today’s article by IUCN China, they listed out 5 publications that you must not miss

Can Shanghai become a model city for waste sorting?

Editor’s Note This is an abridged and adapted translation of a piece by Guo Peiyuan (郭沛源), the Chairman of SynTao Green Finance and co-founder and General Manager of SynTao, published on SynTao’s WeChat account on the 1st of July 2019.…