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Chinese NGOs Travel to Myanmar

Yu Xiaogang, one of China’s best-known environmentalists and founder of the Yunnan NGO, Green Watershed, writes about the environmental and social impact of China’s rapidly growing investment in Myanmar.  

Environmental NGOs Join Forces to Submit Legislative Proposals

Advocacy and policy influencing have long been underdeveloped areas in the NGO sector, but as CDB Senior Staff Writer Guo Ting reports, recent years have seen more progress, particularly in the environmental sector where NGOs are partnering with mainstream players such as political and business elites, academics, and media to craft and submit legislative proposals.

Why Have Our Appeals for Information Disclosure Been Ignored?

In this important first-hand testimonial, Yu Xiaogang and Chen Yu of the well-known Yunnan-based environmental NGO, Green Watershed, detail how their appeals for information to be disclosed about a chemical factory involved in chromium pollution were systematically brushed aside by local authorities

CDB Editorial: Liang Congjie

This editorial on Liang Congjie, founder of Friends of Nature and one of the pioneers of the first generation of NGO activists in China is the first of the CDB editorials that we are providing on this website.

Gingko Partner Interviews: Mei Nianshu

This article profiles Mei Nianshu, founder of the environmental NGO, Green Kunming, in Yunnan province and one of five Narada Foundation Gingko Partners for 2010.

The Garbage Crisis: NGOs’ Call to Action

This article takes a fresh look at familiar waste management issues. Given the many environmental NGOs involved, waste management has developed into a rare arena for grassroots social action

From Opposition to Dialogue

The Institute of Public and Environmental Affairs (IPE) is one of China’s best-known independent environmental NGOs.  Founded by Ma Jun in 2006, IPE maintains a water and air pollution database, and is one of the organizers of the Green Choice…

Interview with Ma Jun

The following is a in-depth interview with one of China’s best-known environmentalists.