CDB Reports


Who has the right to launch a public interest lawsuit?

At the end of October, China’s ‘Environmental Protection Law’ was again discussed in the NPC Standing Committee's third investigation. The discussion touched upon the requirements for public interest lawsuits, and meant that once again society focused on the issues surrounding legal action.

A View from the Media: Who’s Responsible for Watching our Water?

One of the latest controversies in Chinese society has been the issue of groundwater pollution in Shandong and other provinces. Disillusioned by the ineffectuality of the government agencies responsible for monitoring pollution, a number of civil society advocates have emphasized the role of NGOs and the public in efforts to eradicate pollution

Joining Forces to Integrate Gender and Development

Guo Ting, reports on Chinese women and environmental organizations joining international development NGOs on the eve of the Rio+20 meeting in calling for greater emphasis on gender considerations in future sustainable development discussions