CDB Reports


CASS: A growing share of CSO funding comes from Chinese sources

A report published by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS) shows that a growing share of Chinese social organizations' funding is coming from Chinese sources and that Chinese foundations have replaced foreign foundations as the first funding supplier for the sector.

Tsinghua and PKU jointly publish recommendations for the Charity Law

Tsinghua University and Peking University jointly published expert recommendations for the «Charity Law». This report touches upon all the important matters concerning charity in China, such as donations, property management, trust funds, charitable services, branches of foreign organizations in China...

China-Dolls issues response to open letter

The China-Dolls Center has issued a response to an open letter that criticized it over alleged unauthorized fund raising. In its response the Center pointed out that it has always carried out its operations in accordance to relevant guidelines

Without justice, how can we talk of public interest?

In this article, He Yongqiang strongly criticizes the open letter published by the Song Qingling Foundation and 3 other public foundations to ask the Ministry of Civil Affairs to punish the grassroots NGO Chinadolls.

Guangzhou NGOs Given Public Fundraising Authority

As part of the ongoing social management innovations in Guangdong, new Guangzhou fundraising regulations will go into effect on May 1 of this year, and will allow social organizations, civil non-enterprise units and nonprofit public institutions to fundraise publicly.

Guangzhou “frees” fundraisers

The Standing Committee of the Guangzhou Municipality People’s Congress passed “Guangzhou Municipality’s Fundraising Regulations” that expands fundraising activities for all social organizations and public institutions engaged in the charitable or “public welfare” field within Guangzhou.