CDB Reports


How agencies which serve severely sick children work together

Most Chinese charitable organizations, especially those serving the sick and diseased, operate independently and lack effective information communication. Because of this lack of coordination, resources are allocated to different relief efforts very unevenly.

Anti-Drug Social Work Practices in Shenzhen

June 26 marked the International Day against Drug Abuse and anti-drug publicity and campaigns have been carried out throughout China. State regulations have recently expressed support of community organizations participating in drug treatment services.

The AIDS Walk: Promoting Public Service in China

In this timely article, CDB Deputy Editor, Guo Ting, discusses the China AIDS Walk, a grassroots-organized public service event to call attention to discrimination against people living with HIV-AIDS.

Gingko Partner Interviews: Wang Yi’ou

The following article is a profile of Wang Yi’ou, founder of the up-and-coming China Dolls Care and Support Association which offers support to people suffering from “brittle bone” and other rare diseases

The Garbage Crisis: NGOs’ Call to Action

This article takes a fresh look at familiar waste management issues. Given the many environmental NGOs involved, waste management has developed into a rare arena for grassroots social action