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Non-Profit Management

Zhu Jiangang on the Development of Community Foundations in China

China's community foundations are still few in number, but the majority of those now in existence were created over the last couple of years. In this article and interview, academic and foundation director Zhu Jiangang discusses their challenges and future prospects.

Practical Guide to the ONGO Law (Registration and Filing)

This handy guide, produced by the Center for Charity Law of the China Philanthropy Research Institute, provides answers to some of the frequent questions that arise when foreign NGOs want to register or apply for temporary activities in China under the new law.

Beijing Overseas NGO Supervisory Unit List

The Beijing Public Security Bureau has just released the list of supervisory units for overseas NGOs based in Beijing. The list contains the addresses, phone numbers and websites of the supervisory units in all different fields. Here is CDB’s English translation.

Insights from the China Charity Fair

The Fifth China Charity Fair took place last month in Shenzhen. This article from the Charity Times presents some of the views on the future of Chinese charity which some important figures shared during the event.

A Philanthropic Society: China’s Future

Renowned Chinese academic Li Xiaoyun reflects upon the impressive popularity and reach of charities in American society, and considers what China could learn from the United States as it tries to become a philanthropic society.

Doing Charity in China’s Poshest Neighbourhood

What is it like to conduct charity work in China's most fancy and cosmopolitan neighbourhood? This article reviews the development of community organizations in Beijing's Sanlitun sub-district.

Li Zhiqiang: the three elements of a social enterprise

Li Zhiqiang, the co-founder and first chairman of Aurora Social Enterprise, shared his views on social enterprises in a recent article in the Chinese media, written to help people gain a more specific understanding of the concept. There isn’t a…

The accreditation of China’s social enterprises

This recent article by the China Philanthropy Research Institute examines the controversy over the accreditation of social enterprises in China. There are still many disputes on whether to set any standard criteria for social enterprises and how exactly to conduct…

Top 100 Chinese social work organizations of 2015 nominated

In order to promote the standardized management of social work and its sustainable development, the Social Work School of the Open University of China and the Philanthropy Times organized a contest to nominate the “Top 100 Chinese Social Work Organizations…