CDB Reports

Rural Development

Child development program initiated in Yunnan province

A community based child-development program has been initiated in Yiliang county, Zhaotong prefecture-level city, Yunnan Province, by the Fujian Industrial Charitable Foundation in cooperation with Heart to Heart Community Care. The prefecture is considered to be one of the poorest…

How are all Chinese to Escape Poverty by 2020?

The Chinese government has set the goal of eradicating poverty from China by 2020. This article summarizes the main points of a debate between some of China's main experts on poverty alleviation, discussing how to define poverty and how the remaining pockets of deprivation in rural areas should be addressed.

The Development Organization of Rural Sichuan (UK) successfully registers

It has been reported that the Development Organization of Rural Sichuan (DORS), a British organization, succeeded in registering in Sichuan in April, 2017. The organization aims to promote the long-term sustainable development of rural Sichuan by operating village-wide integrated development…