CDB Reports

Social Enterprise – Impressions of the second charity exhibition

Government and business valued over grassroots: Impressions of the second charity exhibition 官商为贵、民为轻——第二届慈展会印象, September 27, 2013 With the wind and rain of Typoon Usagi swirling outside, the third and final day of the 2nd China Charity Project Exchange Exhibition…

Chengdu’s Aiyouxi: Building a Harmonious Community

CDB Senior Researcher, Fu Tao, introduces a unique community-based social enterprise that brings theater, a community marketplace, and community self-governance together in a neighborhood in Chengdu, the provincial capital of Sichuan.

A Virtual NGO: SowosSky

CDB Staff Writer, Li Simin, profiles a virtual Shanghai-based NGO that provides a networking and information-sharing platform for social workers, and teachers and students of social work.…

Learning Social Innovation from the West

This article is less about what China can learn about social innovation from the West, and more about how Chinese academic, media and NGO leaders interpret these terms in the current political climate.

Gingko Partner Interview: Sun Heng

This article profiles Sun Heng, founder of Migrant Worker’s Home, an organization which incorporates a business model for earning income to sustain and expand its operations in pursuit of its mission to create a community for migrant workers