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Social Work

What’s wrong with China’s system for recruiting social workers?

A recent article published in Southern Weekly discusses the problems in China’s current system of social worker recruitment. The author, a social work professor from Beijing Normal University, points out three major challenges. First of all, the “package” model through…

China to host Asia’s largest social work conference

On April 20, the “The Preparation Meeting for the 24th Asia-Pacific Joint Regional Social Work Conference ” was convened in Shenzhen. The Conference is to be held on September 26-29, 2017 which will mark the first time that the International…

The Chinese Charity Sector’s Top 10 News Stories in 2016

This article, translated from China's Charity Times, lists the top 10 news stories to come out of the country's charity sector in 2016. From incidents of fake fundraising to litigations on air pollution, these are the stories most representative of the changes that Chinese charity is going through.

Working towards an AIDS-free generation in China

According to statistics from China’s Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the number of people living with HIV in China had reached 654,000 by September 2016. About 94.2% of the new cases were transmitted through sexual behaviour. Wang Yu,…

Unisex Toilets in China: the Debate

Unisex public toilets are appearing in a number of Chinese cities. They can be seen as a way of providing more equality of service to women, and of being inclusive of those who don't fit into the gender binary. This article from the China News website discusses the meaning of adopting such toilets, and the debate that has arisen around this issue.

400 missing people found through the Headline Person Finder

A couple of missing twin boys were found through the Headline Person Finder on October 25th, becoming the 399th and 400th people to be rescued through this charitable project. The platform is run by a media outlet called 今日头条 (Headlines…

2015: Public Welfare and Gender

This article from the Chinese Academy of Social Science's annual Blue Book of Philanthropy describes how gender issues came back to the fore in China's non-profit sector over 2015, after years of being consigned to the back burner.