Non-State Actors in Asian Development Cooperation: The Role of NGOs

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  • Non-State Actors in Asian Development Cooperation: The Role of NGOs

Organized jointly by the Korea Development Institute (KDI) and The Asia Foundation (TAF), the “Asian Approaches to Development Cooperation” (AADC) dialogue series brings together development experts and government officials from the Asia region and beyond to share perspectives and to facilitate mutual learning between and among emerging Asian donors, recipient countries, and DAC members.

In 2016, the AADC dialogues focus on the role of non-state actors in international development cooperation. This first conference in Beijing (April) explores the role of civil society in the international development while the second meeting in Delhi (August) will focus on the role of private sector. This report intends to cover the proceedings and outcomes of the Beijing meeting, featuring presentations and discussions by regional government officials, policy specialists and development experts.

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