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CDB Reports include: Current Issues, Analyses, and Features.

NGOCN’s Financial Incident

This article reveals one of the negative aspects of the NGO sector in China, as well as in other countries: financial mismanagement. It profiles NGOCN, a popular information-sharing and networking NGO website based originally in Kunming but which has since relocated to Guangzhou.

Guangzhou’s “Skinhead” Movement

An Zhu uses a humorous story about taking action to challenge individuals and NGOs to think more deeply about a critically important question in today’s China: How to carry out public action in a meaningful way that will foster social connections and public knowledge?

A Dialogue with Construction Workers

Migrant workers are a major force behind China’s economic miracle and the low cost of their labor makes affordable many of the goods and services we enjoy on a daily basis.

A NGO Works With Companies to Prevent Sexual Harassment

This article, which comes out a few days after International Women’s Day (March 8), profiles path-breaking work on sexual harassment by China’s oldest and best-known women’s legal aid NGO: Zhongze Women’s Legal Aid Center, in collaboration with six Chinese companies

Sexual Harassment is a Gender Equality Issue

This article, which comes out a few days after International Women’s Day (March 8), accompanies a related article about the path-breaking work of a women’s legal aid NGO in addressing sexual harassment in China.

Guangzhou “frees” fundraisers

The Standing Committee of the Guangzhou Municipality People’s Congress passed “Guangzhou Municipality’s Fundraising Regulations” that expands fundraising activities for all social organizations and public institutions engaged in the charitable or “public welfare” field within Guangzhou.

Government Procurement Promotes Social Work Agencies

The following is a dense but very interesting article on a cutting-edge trend in China: the flowering of nonprofit (and some for-profit) social work agencies that are appearing in Chinese cities with the support of government funding and support